OSHA Compliance

OSHA Notification & Assistance For High Injury And Illnss Workplace

OSHA Notification & Assistance For High Injury And Illnss Workplace
OSHA, the US department of Labor's Occupational Safety And Health Administration, has required workplace injury and illness data from the employers so that they can identify the employers whose employees face higher injury and illness than the national average. OSHA has sent letters about 15,000 workplaces that have faced highest number of injuries and illness and they are restricted from work, work related activities. This high rate of injury at workplace is known as DART rate. The receiver of this letter requires to take immediate steps to give proper protection to the workers. The letter has also offered assistance to reduce the rate of injuries and to give safety measures to the workers. The state will provide OSHA's free safety and health consultation services for the small business. OSHA has done all these examining the survey of workplaces and the data of the employers of 2009 The workplaces that have received the letters have DART rates two times more than the national average of the workplaces in US.

There is hope as OSHA has given the workers, that have faced such injury and illness ,OSHA's free consultation program as assistance to reduce the risk of the workers at workplace. Thus,OSHA has helped the workers with new and innovative ideas to reduce the work related risks for the safety and health of the workers and it also helps the industry as well as the whole environment.

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