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Terrible explosion and importance of OSHA

Terrible explosion and importance of OSHA
At a Massey Energy mine in West Virginia, a terrible explosion has took 29 workers life in last January. To find out the reason why the explosion had taken place, a federal mine safety inspector undertook the responsibility and started the inspection on the site and specially saw the flawed ventilation system of that mine. Finally it is was seen that ignoring some major problem like “Upper Big Branch Mine's airflow -- key to keeping deadly gases and coal dust from rising to explosive levels -- was going in the wrong direction.” is the reason behind such explosion. According to the inspector, " Miners informed me that they questioned management about this condition and they were told it was fine, not to worry about it."

The federal group Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) takes these sites over OSHA and there is no such rule and regulation that mine sites must comply with the OSHA compliance. If in any mine site, Mine Safety & Health Administration covers workers in a mine, then OSHA will not provide anything. In some cases like: truck drivers rolling down the highway, workers on a ship at sea, and flight crews up in an airplane, that special company or industry will get coverage from other sources that works over OSHA. Though OSHA does not cover such situation, the companies or industries can invite OSHA and provide their employees the best OSHA safety trainings so that they do not have to become the worst victim. OSHA safety training and OSHA compliance along can provide all the security of workers, employers and the company as a whole.

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