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OSHA Certifies Schneider Electric as a VPP Star Site

OSHA Certifies Schneider Electric as a VPP Star Site
OSHA has recently commended the management and employees of the Schneider Electric USA Inc. for their achievements in the safety and health program. The company’s Lincoln branch has been certified as a “star” site.

The Schneider Company manufactures miniature circuit breakers and has earned recognition for adhering to a comprehensive on-site safety program. With more than 25o workers at the Lincoln facility, OSHA was pleased to see all the processes in place.

Right from the top down, the company has displayed and outstanding ability to implement a comprehensive workplace safety and health system, making it an exemplar example of how a company should run its workplace safety program.

OSHA recognizes employers and employees in federal agencies and private industries if they have implemented an effective safety and health system and have managed to ensure that injury and illness rates are below the average statistics for their industry.

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