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OSHA bans the usage of cut-off saws to bevel the edges on ductile iron pipes

ductile iron pipes - OSHA safety standardsMost of us don’t even know that our water comes through pipes everyday; underground pipes that are necessary for the water to pass through from its source right to our kitchens and bathrooms – and away. Today, billions of gallons of water flow through underground pipes every day, thus resulting in corrosion every now and then. There is however, a new HDPE beveled edge that completely eliminates the possibility of erosion but also adheres to the OSHA safety standards.

The Bevel-Sert helps connect underground ductile iron or PVC pipes together. And it really is as simple as that! What this HDPE tool really does is amazing! Currently, what most construction workers use is a cut-off saw to cut through piped and then using the same saw; grind a bevel onto the cut pipes so as to connect them. However, OSHA has now started prohibiting this due to various safety implications that may risk the workers safety if the tools are used incorrectly.

Without this new tool, there have been many complaints of corrosion issues occurring in metal pipes. Corrosion leads to shorter life spans for pipes and also increases the overall costs for municipalities in just replacing these pipes. Corrosion also leads to the wastage of millions of gallons of water – one of the most precious natural resources to exist.