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Osha Fines Rochester Waste Company For Safety Violations

The U.S government may impose $304,000 fines for Herbele Disposal Service Inc, which is a Rochester based solid waste collection company.

The officials from OSHA said that the company failed to correct the hazards cited during the inspection with a new recurring safety hazards at Alvanar Road on the city’s west side.

The officials from OSHA cited the company in June for 12 serious violations with a follow up inspection which found that five out of 12 cited hazards remain unchanged leading to uncorrection of them.

These violations include improper transfer of flammable liquids along with spark producing equipment near the flammable paint spray areas.

The company Herberle Disposal has 15 business days from the receipt of citations to comply an informal request with OSHA to contest the penalties which has been fined upon them.

Banda Group Lands NASA Deal At $3.5 Million

Banda International Group was started five years ago, with an in-house operation. But despite such economic downturn, it would remain on a growth path with the first foray into government work which would cost around $3.5 million which is a five year deal with NASA.

This system provides safety support staffing and outsourcing, auditing and training all of which would include OSHA classes and programs which are customized. There is a team from Chandler Company who would help NASA implement and oversee a safety program at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

The team comprises of BGI’s 30 employees which is spread out across the U.S and internationally and serve as a president of CEO BGI. This team is likely to grow as it has projected revenue of $4.2 million this year which is in contract with BGI’s start.

The first deal of Banda was with Intel in Ireland. Since then they had picked up various other private sector clients who included General Electric & construction management f…

Osha Partners With Associated General Contractors For Shreveport

To ensure the highest level of employee safety and health would be the goal of new partnership which is formed recently between Associated General Contractors of America’s Shreveport chapter and U.S Safety Association.

This partnership affirms a shared commitment so as to protect construction safety in this area. Such an effort would help prevent injuries and fatalities making workers more safe in their working environment.

This agreement would serve as a model for construction companies which would demonstrate how to safely implement a health program with criteria of contractor safety and health.

The AGC is a trade association for the construction industry with around 450 member companies in Shreveport. Among those goals, the association would be focused on preventing workplace safety for more than 150,000 employees in Shreveport safety.
OSHA’s partnership is an ongoing effort to improve the safety and health of employees through the relationship making them aware of trade associations,…

Osha Proposes $125,000 To Watertown

OSHA has cited Fluid Management Systems for 29 violations of safety and health standards at Watertown Mass, in a production plant. The manufacturer of analytical instruments would face a total of $125,000 for penalties which is chiefly the form of chemical, electrical, and respirator hazards.

The inspection found that employees who are working in close distance to electrical circuits would end up without proper training. The OSHA standards require that circuits would be de-energized so that the employees work on them and proper equipment need to be supplied for the rare instances where de-energizing is not feasible.
The various electrical hazards which were found during inspection were all related to uncovered electrical parts, equipment or openings failing which would lead to de-energizing of electrical parts before working on them which would train employees for safe electrical work practices allowing unqualified employees to work on energized equipment.

The various other hazards inclu…

Vy Injury Rate the Lowest In Industry

Vy stands for Vermont Yankee power plant whose on-job injury rate is less than the average industry required by Department of Labor. The total cases for 2006-2008 which met the threshold under OSHA Standards was 44 percent below the industry average which is released as per last month.

Within three years, Yankee employees contracted for more than 3.4 million hours with only nine cases of injuries or job-related illness which resulted into the category of OSHA-reportable incidents with site review of Yankee’s safety and health programs.

Yankee had only one case of OSHA reportable lost time which is a very good sign for the company. Seeing such good safety measures OSHA awarded the company Star Status which is no longer subject to random compliance. This doesn’t work under VOSHA oversight. VOSHA will periodically assess the company to check out whether they are eligible for VPP criteria.

The injury rate for Yankee means that most employees would work out for around 10,000 hours so that it …

Massive Accident At Virginia Construction Site

A construction worker was fatally injured when a bulldozer ran over him in a construction accident. This accident was really fatal with a front end loader killing a worker. A tragic accident occurred which killed a 34 year worker by hitting with a bulldozer which was driven by another co-worker.

The construction worker Kirk Patrick of Hampton reportedly rode in front of scoop bucket of the bulldozer which was being operated by another worker, where there were clearing the road. The co-worker run over by the front-end loader at a specific point which lead to injury.

The investigators are also not able to rule out how the worker fell into scoop of bulldozer which made him run. The construction worker was an employee of Muller Contractors. The officials with state police department responded to the scene of the workplace accident. So the OSHA officials would now be conducting a full investigation to know the exact cause of accident.

OSHA Fines $576k To Sims Bark For Safety Violations

The U.S Department Of OSHA is proposing $576,750 in penalties against Sims Bark Company for 142 workplace safety and health violations. The agency is proposing around 20 violations and $94,000 in penalties for the company’s plant in Brent with around 59 violations and $260,900 for stone plants in Tuscumbia Ala with 49 violations and $142,350 in penalties for bark and stone plants.

One need to have 14 violations and around $79,100 in penalties for around Olive Branch Miss bark plant. The inspections began after OSHA received a complaint regarding the hazards which might arise into other locations of the two companies.

The willful citations are being issued against the Brent branch bark leading to the stone plant for allowing workers to service the plant and clean the machinery without the procedures which ensure that the workers won’t be caught in stuck by equipment or would get burned by machine’s heat strip. At the Woodbury bark plant, workers who get operated by a machine would lead t…

Osha Awards Coco-Cola Waters For Workplace Safety

The U.S Department of Labor OSHA has recognized Coca-Cola Waters a star site, which is the highest honor in OSHA’s prestigious VPP Program.

Coca-Cola Waters were being recognized for maintaining high employee safety and health standards at this site. The company was being noted to have an injury and illness rate which is 70 percent below the industry average for around three years.

A whole owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola manufactures bottled water products which includes fluoridated spring water and purified spring water.

The Coco Cola plant is one of 2000 worker sites which represent 270 industries nationwide which have earned an entry into OSHA’s VPP site. These requirements include a high degree of management commitment and employee involvement which includes a high degree of worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control program giving you safety training for all employees.

The companies who are into VPP Status Program ensure that they have an illness rate of less than 50 percent to…

Osha To Investigate Tunnel Death

Twenty four years after worker died inside Tunnel, OSHA investigators were on the site, trying to determine exactly what happened. The nearby store employee still remembers moments after the worker.

The man who died worked for around nine years at Tunneling Company. On Wednesday flags at the company headquarters flew half-staff. The company’s president said that the crews build tunnels under the highway which were supposed to be different.

One crew member was in the tunnel with others having a massive storm unleashed under a torrent of water with really no warning. A flood event occurred with another penetrated into the ground with excavation.
The tunneling is dangerous with his company taking safety seriously. A check with OSHA revealed that the company has been investigating 4 times in last 10 years with
one the following year.

The latest investigation revealed that this could take around 6 months to complete and this is likely to give the answer of what went wrong. After going through s…

Disney World Deaths Prompt Investigation

The accidental death of a performer at Walt Disney Co in Florida has prompted separate local and federal investigations. One person aged 30 years died late on Monday after being injured from a tumbled roll during a rehearsal for a show based at Indiana Jones.

The U.S Department sent OSHA investigators to Orlando to determine what had happened. OSHA has upto 6 months to report the findings to local sheriff to look into the matter. The death of a person was investigated by performing an autopsy which ruled out the death caused by neck fracture which was actually accidental.

The Disney spokesman said that the park uses rigorously trained employee team which includes engineers to examine the safety of equipment and practices at the Disney Park. Around 11 months ago, the safety team reorganized to combine employee and safety at Disney Park and resorts.

There were inspections being launched at Disney World because of the fatalities which were in response to complaints. In Feburary, OSHA fined …

Georgia Processor Faces $380k For Safety Violations

The U.S Department of OSHA is proposing $379,800 in penalties for safety violations that has lead to gaining of Gainesville facility. The company has been cited with 4 safety violations with a penalty proposed to an amount of $252,000 for hazard analysis which is required to establish a specific procedure for maintaining the integrity of process equipment.

The employer failed to perform the required compliance audits for 2000,2003 and 2007. OSHA fines a willful violation as they are committed to plain indifference or intentional disregard for employee safety and health.

This plant has been cited with 37 serious violations for $127,800 for proposed penalties. The safety hazards include: a lack of proper machine guarding with uncovered floor holes, obstructed emergency routes, a lockout device which is not being affected to electrical disconnect with fire extinguishers not readily available.

The violations include failing to establish a maintenance program which develop an emergency respo…

Osha Fines $1,250 To Contractor Due To Job Death

A contractor who employed 2 workers injured themselves in separate accidents at the construction sites contested around $1,250 fine which were accessed in the first incident. The T Keefe & Sons filed a notice to OSHA for its first inspection which lasted till May 20 after failing for several stories.

The inspector from OSHA reported that finding dangerous situation at construction sites issued a serious citation failing which the employees were exposed to hazards walking by or working near the wire rope cable guardrails leading to 5 level building on every level.

The June citation indicates that wire-ropes guard rails at the site where not taught enough about the safety precautions. The main moto of OSHA is to issue a serious violation where death or physical harm is likely to result in an hazard about which an employer should have known of.

Such an employer must contest the citations with OSHA having an independent body made up of administrative judges. Seeing the economic down turn…

Mar-Jan Fines $379,800 For Safety Violations

The U.S Department of OSHA is proposing $379,800 in penalties against Mar-Jac Poultry for safety violations. The company is being cited with four willful citations proposing a penalty of $252,000.

These penalties are failing to update its hazard analysis in five year intervals which would establish procedures to maintain the integrity of process equipment which are required for ammonia refrigeration systems.

The inspections took place as a result of someone lodging a complaint. The agency would conduct random investigations but they are mostly unannounced. The amount which has been penalized is due to larger side of what the agency normally does.

OSHA has cited violations with plain indifference which is intentional disregard for employee safety and health. Mar-Jan failed to perform the required compliance audit for 2000, 2003 and 2007. The company has been cited with 37 serious safety violations for $127,800 for penalties.

The company has 15 business days from the receipt of citations wh…

Osha Penalizes Against A-1 Excavating

A-1 Excavating faces fines against from OSHA Administration. The company has been cited fines for 5 violations following the death of a Cadott man. With this new citations A-1 has been cited for total 44 violations for over 27 years. The OSHA officials investigated the company which lead to death of worker in New Richmond. This A-1 company has received one willful and 4 serious violation which would be totaling to about $98,000.

The serious citations are cited when there is a substantial probability that death or physical could result in a hazard which the employer should have known off. These serious violations include the failure to maintain equipment in a safe condition which would provide safe working condition for unsafe operations near the overhead power lines.

The A-1 firm is contesting $693,000 of fines which leads to willful citations of federal standards. This company has been inspected for various Wisconsin worksites for around 33 times since 1982 and resulted in around 44 ci…

Osha Fines $50,575 To Sinton Dairy

Sinton Diary Foods Company faces $50,575 fines after facing federal worker safety regulations for serious violations of health and safety which are related to anhydrous refrigeration system.

The OSHA cited Colorado Spring based Sinton for failing to allow an established maintenance program for the system. The company also was cited the violations which involved electrical hazards involving procedures and mechanical integrity for the system.

OSHA said in an informal request that the willful citations were exhibited due to indifference for disregard of employee safety and health. This violations lead to death of serious harm which is likely to result in a hazard about which employer should have known of.

The employer failed to get the basic safety and health protections which are well known in the industry with facilities which use dangerous quantities of chemicals required to protect against diseases for catastrophic events.

This company has 15 days to receipt an informal conference with O…

Osha Fines Pennsylvania For Crane Hazards

The U.S Department of Labor’s OSHA has cited Schuylkill Products for alleged workplace safety & violations with a penalty proposing to around $65,800. OSHA initiated an investigation which revealed out a response against the complaint which has been cited.

An investigation revealed out that the company received citations for one willful violation of around $56,000 penalties and around 2 serious violations which costs to around $9,800 in penalty.

The investigators issued willful citations after finding up of cranes which was being loaded up as a capacity to fine into normal operations. OSHA fines a violation as the one which is committed to plain indifference with employee safety and health. This violation were being cited for cranes which were not equipped with devices which would prevent automatic restart of crane’s in event of failure leading to perform the crane inspection.

A serious citation is issued where there is a probability that death or physical harm could result and emplo…

Osha Fines $240,750 To Sinclair Refining Co For Safety Violations

OSHA has cited Sinclair Refining Company with one alleged violation following an inspection at company’s crude oil refinery. The total penalties totaled to about $240,750 following an investigation by OSHA which was done following the month of February.

The inspection was done as a part of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program into the petroleum refinery cites across the nation. Such inspection was a planned process through which the officials would be able to identify the hazards associated with the employees of that company and help them take necessary corrective action to prevent accidents.

The company was cited with penalties following hazards which identified process hazard analysis (PHA). This PHA which is required by OSHA officials identified them as electrical equipment in a crude unit which is capable of creating a ignition source for the vapors.

Generally these PHA has been able to identify the early warning devices for flammable releases. Not correcting these hazards had lead to th…

Osha Fines $60,000 To Eau Claire For Safety Violations

OSHA has fined almost $60,000 in penalties against U.S Postal Service facility in Eau Claire.

OSHA has cited the distribution facility on Hogarth Street a number of workplace violations. A worker was injured in an accident with equipment which was used to move pallets.

The 2 employees who were injured were never been provided proper training which comes after such an accident.

So OSHA has cited this company for violations which are calling around $35,000 as penalty for workers health and safety.

The agency also states that proper training was not given to employees who were being spotted operating for their worklifts unsafely. This facility also accused of not to inspect the truck before they were put down into service. If all of this gets added up it would lead to calling of more than $58,000 penalties.

This postal service has no comment about the citations being given to them for such a act.

Osha Fines Conagro Foods $90,000

ConAgro Foods were fined $90,000 for violations which lead to death of worker. One of the worker who was an employee of NW Metal Fabricators was inside the steel tank who was using potato washing when the welding equipment ignited and burnt up into gases.

The OSHA Investigation revealed that this tragedy could have been prevented if the employers paid attention to several basic precautions and considers the information available to them which is better known as Oregon OSHA.

The investigation concluded that companies violated several rules which are related to protecting employees who would enter spaces which may contain life threatening hazards.

The company was fined around $65,000 and Metal Corporation around $25,000 Incorporated.

To cite the violations companies have 15 business days to request an informal conference with OSHA director.

Osha Fines Branco Enterprise For Safety Violations

Recently OSHA has cited Branco Enterprise for safety violations at a work site. During an inspection OSHA found that Branco Enterprise failed to protect employees from possible trench cave-ins while working at a site in Grand Avenue at Fort Smith.

The purpose of OSHA to fine this company was that the company had nine serious violations.

The failure of which would be to provide training on trench hazards not protecting the workers from protruding rebar.

Seeing this OSHA has cited the company nine serious violations with a charge of $100,000.

Branco has 15 business days to contest the citations being paid and pay up for the fines which amount to around $100,000.

Osha Fines Millercoors For Safety Violation

Osha has fined MillerCoors LLC $128,500 for safety violations which led to death of worker and injury of other 2 client at a brewing company’s Golden Plant. The potential penalty is as a result of alleging on 10 safety violations against the company. There were 2 investigations being done to find out safety violations. The first investigation involved the death of 54 year old electrician whose body was found at the plant. The second investigation revealed out the death of 2 employees who were burnt on an electrical arc flash.

The MillerCoors Spokesperson said that it will continue to work with OSHA to respond to its findings. At the company we take safety very seriously and regard this as a safety and health workplace which is integral to company’s success.

OSHA when opened up investigation into this company found one alleged willful and nine alleged safety violations which were governing electrical hazards. This willful violation occurs when an employer exhibits plain indifference to t…

Osha Fines $85,360 To Dehler Manufacturing Company

OSHA has fined Dehler Manufacturing Company with 24 serious violations out of which four are repeat and other 6 violations of federal workplace health safety standards which all together leads to $85,360 of penalties to the company.

This company was into investigation by OSHA from February after which it received a health hazard report from NIOSH. The health hazard report revealed out that the hazard were so toxic that it could lead to a person’s hearing damage, with lack of personal protective equipment and lack of communication program. A serious violation was being cited to the company when there was a probability that death or serious harm could lead to a hazard which the employer should have known of.

The repeat violations which were cited included problems with respirator programs and lack of medical evaluation with fire extinguisher programs. The OSHA repeat violations are cited when the investigators find out that a similar violation of any standard which have been facilitated …