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OSHA’s new guidance documents explains the Importance of Testing

OSHA’s new guidance documents explains the Importance of Testing
OSHA and NIOSH have come together to develop two new guidance documents for workers and for employers that describe the importance and usage of spirometry testing and how it helps reduce or prevent worker exposure to various respiratory hazards at the workplace.

Spirometry is a standard pulmonary function test that helps to measure how well a person can move the air in and out of his lungs. Workers are generally exposed to a number of gases and dusts or contaminants in the air and over time can suffer from lung damage. This spirometry test will detect any breathing problems or changes in a worker’s lung function at an early stage. The information contained in these documents will help employers identify and eliminate the various workplace hazards and reduce or even prevent their workers from developing any kind of lung disease.

These sheets will inform employers about spirometry, why it is needed, when it is needed and the important elements that an employer can use to determine the quality of spirometry services provided. The companion document on the other hand, explains to workers why the test is so important, what should be done during the test, and their basic right to receive the test results.