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Get a hazard free working place

A few years ago, working in a hazard free site was out of question. Workers were used like anything and there was no value of life for them. But with the time all has changed and now the workers can complain against their employers for not providing them safety at working place. This new and widely acceptable idea is carried by OSHA (occupational safety and health administration), the main federal agency of US department of Labor. Safety of workers has increased in the annals of US after the introduction of OSHA.

General and construction industries are always involved in hazardous conditions. But there should be safety measures for the workers working in those work sites. OSHA safety training has brought the change and has given the skills of keeping the workers intact while working. No doubt, human beings have scarified a lot to the development of mankind. But now you can take protection for your safety and there are so many ways developed in the world. With the hi-technology, the h…

Why You Need OSHA Inspection

Make a voice for the health and safety of the workers in the workplaces is the prime objective of OSHA (occupational safety and health Administration). OSHA has provided inspections of the workplaces to ensure the safety and protective measures of the workers. It is a common thing that accidents take place, workers get injured and even die frequently in the work places. For the development and for the extreme necessity it is impossible to stop general and construction industries but it is possible to reduce the rate of accidents, injuries and deaths at the working places by taking some preventive measures and protection. There are people who think only about their profit. This kind of people lack humanity and if they get a chance to be the authority, then the people working under them definitely will be harassed. Thinking all about these conditions, OSHA Has made some standards which the general and construction industries must have to comply with.

From the very beginning it is experi…

OSHA offers helping hand towards TB patients

TB or Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that transmits from individual to individual through air. This is the most common disease which takes a large number lives every year across the world. TB occurs anywhere in the body but all are not equally dangerous and can transmit only when it occur in lungs or larynx. The workers who work in hazardous conditions and get touched with a one who is suffering from lung or larynx TB for a long time can be infected by the by TB. TB easily infects other persons for closer proximity, longer duration and also for unhygienic condition where the chance of infection increases rapidly. The workers of general and construction industries have the maximum chances of getting infected by this life threatening disease.

OSHA does not have any standard for TB Infection Control but if workers or employees fail to implement precautions to TB infections at their site of working then OSHA can enforce the “General Duty Clause” to take necessary preventio…

OSHA As Your Best Friend

In the real sense, OSHA has become the best friend for the workers who work with general and construction industries. OSHA is the short form for Occupational safety and Health Administration. This is the main federal agency of US department of Labor which has worked a lot for the safety and health of the workers. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. OSHA has helped the workers in every danger that they meet in their work site and is success in reducing the rate of accidents, death and also the injuries of the workers at their work site. So, OSHA can be called the best friend of the workers.

OSHA has done this great favor for the workers by doing two main functions. The main work of OSHA is to set the standard and to conduct inspection at active workplace which ensures if the employees are safe at their workplace and the employers comply with the regulations of the OSHA or not. The Standard of OSHA contains reasonable, protective practices, and process of job. OSHA ensu…

OSHA 10 – a necessary worksite companion

OSHA 10 is a 10 hour training course provided for both construction and general industry workers. The object of which is to give protective measures and a safe working environment to the workers. At least OSHA 10 hour safety training is required for all the workers to get permit to work on a public construction site.

OSHA 10 hour safety training is required by law for the workers who live in the states: Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Rhodes Island and in the states of Connecticut. This is an illegal process to work without having the training in those states. Some states demand at least one member from each trade to get any one of OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 hour courses. The industries which are at risk always, they need their workers to take the OSHA 10 hour course for their employees’ safety and also to avoid OSHA’s non-compliance penalties. This is a highly awareness and safety training. Anybody who wants can take this training to raise awareness of work related danger and also …

About OSHA Regulations

OSHA regulations have worked a lot to maintain the requirements of OSHA imposed upon general and construction industrialists and their employees. OSHA regulations are especially designed for the workers working with general and construction industries to protect them from hazardous conditions and also to ensure safe working conditions. The major issues that are covered by OSHA regulations are: reporting, record keeping and posting. There are so many regulations which should be abided by the workers and their employers. They include revelation of information or materials, safety and protection of individual privacy and random access to inspections, records, proposed penalties, citations, and reporting and recording of occupational grievance, occupational safety and health standards that includes-shipyard equipment, agriculture, long shoring, identification, workshops and rehabilitation facilities, procedures to handle discrimination complaints by employees etc. OSHA regulations, in oth…

OSHA And Your Rights

OSHA has been working like a movement for years mainly for the well being of the workers. The important point that has lifted OSHA up to this level is that it has poured some strict rights to the employers and employees. We see that if there only restrictions that are needed strictly by any agency or organization and there is no rights allotted to then the employers will get frustrated. OSHA has made this difference and allotted some rights to the employers and the employees. This is done so that the employers and the employees can become aware of their rights and can save themselves at anywhere and anytime.

Some important rights of employees imposed by OSHA are:

Employees have the right to review the standards, requirements and regulations provided by the employers. The employees can also request for the information of the emergency procedures to their employers.

Employees have the right to get ample safety and health training as required by OSHA standards if related to toxic substance…

The Process of OSHA Inspection

OSHA has done inspections more than a million at both the state and federal level. The aim of all these inspection is to ensure if the industries are complying with the OSHA requirements. OSHA has conducted sudden inspection at regular basis to bring out the main scenario and to take proper action if the industries are not complying with the OSHA regulations. This has made a radical change to the construction and general industries and well being for its workers. OSHA, the main federal agency for occupational safety and health administration, conducted all these enquiries using manpower for which the contractors or industrialists always do care of it. Now let us give a look how and when the inspections can be done.

The inspectors are provided with a monthly list of active projects by the OSHA national office. Besides, the inspectors can have information of working sites from other sources like news paper articles or permitting authorities. OSHA trainings are must for the employers and …

Responsibilities Of Employers and Employees Implemented By OSHA

People should always assert alertness at every field so that no hindrance can nudge their safety. This alertness is made accessible to the employers and employees by OSHA with a gamut of responsibilities implementing on them. It is their duty to be responsible for their own well being. OSHA has provided OSHA training for the employers and employees which show their responsibilities to a vast extent.

The responsibilities of employers are:

• Employers must provide their employees with jobs and working sites which are safe and hygienic.

• Employers should comply with the OSHA requirements, standards, and regulations.

• They must provide the tools and equipment which included personal protective equipment also.

• Employees must be provided the OSHA training required by OSHA standards.

• It is the employers’ responsibility to report any accident that needs of hospitalization more than three workers.

• Employers are responsible to keep the records of every work related accidents,…

Safety and Health Program Rules by OSHA

The OSHA Safety and health program rule has been designed to reduce work place fatalities, injuries and illnesses. It is the responsibility of the employers to provide OSHA safety training programs to their employees.

Almost everyone at the work place is required to be involved in the OSHA training program including the employees and management supervisors. The employers must set up OSHA training program for their employees. For this training program a supervisor, an employee or the manager must be put in charge. They have to make sure that all the OSHA rules and regulations are being imposed.

Any new employee hired must go through the OSHA safety training before they start the work with the company. All information, OSHA training and resources must be available to the employees when it’s needed.

Employers must give their employees the opportunity to take part in all form of OSHA safety training. The main focus of the OSHA training program must are focused on the hazard identification, h…

Being in compliant with OSHA is important

OSHA has set regulations and requirements for OSHA safety training at millions of workplaces. The activities of the employers are governed by the OSHA regulations. Employers refer to individual, association, corporation, or partnership in a business that affects commerce that has employees.

There are about 23 states that have their own regulatory programs which apply to both government workplaces and private businesses. Some of them adopt the OSHA regulations while some stricter requirements and severe penalties.

Some companies claim that that the safety and health rule are kind of complex and difficult for them to understand and try to remain ignorant. The fact is that here ignorance is not a bliss. If you missed out the important points then, it might hurt you and your company’s profit a lot later.

Everyone knows employees are the biggest asset of a company. It’s the responsibility of the employers to protect them from harm. They should also realize that violations of safety and health…

Now Chemical Plants Are Being Targeted By OSHA

The chemical companies received a series of complex process safety management" (PSM) inspections carried out by OSHA starting this year.

The inspections focus on the management and operation of the chemical manufacturing processes, which are taken as a primary cause of major chemical accidents. Just as the chemical manufacturing processes are difficult, the OSHA inspections have been designed to match up. This inspection has been designed similar to the inspection program for refineries that began last June.

The main reason why OSHA has been insisted to conduct more PSM inspections frequently by the Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) is due to the fatal accident in a refinery that happened in Texas last 2005.

There are 101 refineries under OSHA’s jurisdiction and 81 of them will be inspected. The others come under the voluntary OSHA oversight program. Now OSHA has about 1,000 inspectors and out of that 330 of them are being trained for the refinery program and th…

OSHA Proposes 41 Safety And Health Violations to Georgia Peanut Processor in Sylvester and Blakely, Ga.

Savannah, Ga. - OSHA is proposing 41 safety and health violations to Birdsong Corp.’s facilities in Sylvester and Blakely, Ga.

"Our inspections, and a worker fatality at the Blakely plant, show the need for management to get serious about the safety and health of its employees," said OSHA’s area director on Savannah, Mr. Robert Vazzi.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration started an inspection of Birdsong’s plant in June 2009. Other than 21 safety violations, the compliance officers also found one-other-than safety violations, including fall hazards, lack of machine guards, and lack of emergency lighting, electrical hazards and unmarked exit doors. A separate inspection was opened in July 2009 to address possible noise hazards at the plant which resulted in three serious and one other-than-serious health violations.

In September 2009, there was a comprehensive inspection by OSHA of the company’s Blakely, Ga., The investigation resulted in the issuance of three serio…

Should We Take OSHA Training Online Or Onsite

A lot of debates have been buzzing around for a while whether the OSHA safety training should be taken online or onsite. Those who favor the onsite training would say onsite training would be better as that would give you a live or face to face training with the expert instructors. And those who are in favor of the online training would say online OSHA safety training gives more benefit than the onsite training. There is no satisfying answer whether onsite or online OSHA training is better but it depends on you.

The onsite and online OSHA safety training has been designed for the convenience of the trainees. People have different requirements and outlook. Some may be comfortable with a real instructor or in a classroom teaching. So they are more contented with the onsite training. With the help of the onsite instructor they can have a better understanding of the whole training.

The online OSHA training program has been designed for people who want to schedule their own training. With on…

OSHA Training Made Easy With OSHA Books

With the coming of internet, the safety training programs have become very convenient. You can train online without the hassle of time, money and travels. Many websites offer OSHA online training and students have benefited a lot from that. Now your OSHA safety training will be lot easier as you can purchase the OSHA training materials right at the sites that offer the online OSHA safety training.

OSHA training may be made easy by the internet but it is you who has to study and pass the training. Only after you complete the training successfully by clearing the required passing rate, then you can get the certificate of completion. To make your OSHA training easier, there are many websites that offer OSHA study materials. You can buy the OSHA books and CDs directly from the website that provides the training itself.

These OSHA books serve as an excellent way to train to observe and comply with the federal standards set by OSHA. So next time you go out and search for an online OSHA traini…

Why do you work

Why do people work? Of course for living. How and where do you work? This second question has greater importance for the construction and general industry workers. The employers sometimes forget that their employees are working for their livings.

They just want the employees to work and work. It breaks the working environment and the employees also suffer from doing their work in hazardous condition. The other point is that if this condition exists, then there will occur a big and dangerous situation between the two classes-employers and employees. The society will become imbalanced and there will be no social development and growth. Finally, the two classes will begin to involve in riot.

Peace of the society will destroy. To give occupational safety and health care for the workers of general and construction industry, OSHA was introduced. And it has worked like a movement in the field of construction and general industry. The workers become aware of their rights of healthy working sit…

Employers’ Responsibilities Under OSHA

As an employer, you have certain responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Here are some of the important tasks that you need to fulfill as a responsible employer.

• Provide employees a safe workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with the OSHA standards, rules and regulations.

• The workplace must be examined to assure they meet the standards set by OSHA

• The employees must be equipped with safe tools and equipment and the equipment must be properly maintained.

• Color codes, labels or signs and posters must be used to warn employees of any potential hazards.

• Operating procedures must be established or updated so that employees can follow a safe and health requirements.

• OSHA compliance training as well as medical examinations must be provided when required by OSHA. There are many traditional and online OSHA training courses available today.

• The OSHA poster must be posted at a prominent location within the work place …

Influence Of OSHA On Employees

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is known to all the employees and the employers. It has worked as a movement and changed the whole scenario of both construction and general industries. Before OSHA comes, the working conditions of the employees were so bad, unhygienic, and poor that they had to work like anything and anywhere. OSHA enters with the purpose to ensure safety and healthy working condition of employees for their betterment. As it is the main federal agency in the Department of Labor of US and works for the welfare of common people working in general and construction industries, it got good support from the common workers.

OSHA has influenced the employees by the courses it provides for them. OSHA conducts two courses: OSHA 10-hour courses and OSHA 30-hourses courses for both construction and general industry employers and employees. These courses help the employees in understanding what is safety and healthy working environment, why do they need it and t…