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Osha Fines Kansas Company For Lincoln Fatality

The U.S Department of OSHA has proposed fines to Diamond Savings & Coring LLC Kan a $13,300 for alleged violations in connection with the death of man injured. OSHA said that the company failed to train the employees & altered equipment in an unsafe way.

OSHA fined the company after an investigation into death of one of the men who fell into hanger roof while repairing it. The investigation revealed out 2 alleged serious violations for the OSHA Act.

In an official statement the OSHA officials said that employers cant allow workers to be exposed to fall hazards. These serious violations were due to the lack of employee training and employers altering of equipments to lift personal.

It was a very unstable working condition wherein the loader flipped over and all the workers fell were given serious medical attention. If modifications are made to a piece of machinery, they have to be analyzed, reviewed, approved, by the manufacturer of enginer. OSHA said that such issues are likely …

Osha Awards Sherwin Williams Co. For Workplace Safety

OSHA has awarded Sherwin Williams Co. for Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) star status which is the highest recognition awarded for meeting or exceeding workplace safety.

The company Sherwin Williams earned this status following an onsite evaluation by team of OSHA safety and health experts. Achieving OSHA Star Status is not an easy task. Companies who achieve this star status have proven themselves for workplace safety and health.

So this status proves that Sherin Williams has taken positive steps to ensure safe working processes which are a part of everyday work.

This VPP status offers employers an opportunity to move beyond traditional safety programs by recognizing participants who successfully incorporates safety and health programs into the total management programs.

More than 2,160 workers nationwide, which represent more than 270 industries, have earned entry into OSHA VPP Status.

The VPP Status requires a high degree of management commitment and employee involvement with a high …

Osha Opens Investigation Into Appleton Mill

Recently a wall collapsed at Appleton Mill leading to death of worker and a contract employee. This accident demanded immediate attention for OSHA officials to investigate such a case.

This investigation was opened up as a result of the report that had been described to OSHA officials about the incident. OSHA officials said that they need to look at the company’s overall response to it and check how the investigation reveals out with them.

Before a month a contract employee named William Wilson 39 died after being trapped beneath a five-ton piece of equipment called as strong back, which moves rolls out of paper and handles around 55,000 pounds at one time.

But on recent incident that happened on Monday a wall of building of Mill collapsed. In this incident no one was hurt but the section of building involved an estimated 75-foot section of wall.

Still the cause of wall collapse has not been determined, officials say it is difficult to determine whether the plant’s $100 million construct…

Osha Fines $255,000 Against New Hampshire Firearms

OSHA has proposed to fine $255,150 against Sturm Ruger for 60 alleged violations of safety and health standards identified by agency’s inspections of firearms manufacturer’s Newport.OSHA’s inspection identified large number of mechanical, respirator, protection, electrical, lead, fire, explosive and other hazards that need to be continuously addressed to protect the workers at the plant from potentially deadly or disabling injuries and illness.

OSHA investigated that the company failed to guard rotating parts for the drill presses, sanding & polishing machines, despite the knowledge that employees were being severely exposed to fatal injures if they came in contact with the rotating parts. As a result of which the company has been fined a citation of $63,000 in regards to OSHA safety violation.

Other Safety Hazards include the lack of spark detectors or suppression system which minimize fire and explosion hazards in ventilation systems that collects combustible wood and metal dust, …

Osha To Work On Reducing The Lost Lives For The Death Of Hispanic Workers

Over 16 years, the number of Hispanic workers who died in job in United States rose to around 76 percent. This increase came despite the decrease in workers overall death numbers.

A USA Newspaper said that in 1992,533 Hispanic workers were killed and by end of 2007,937 workers were killed. Although the increase in number of Hispanic workers is a part of reason for the higher numbers of death in United States. The percentage of Hispanic workers killed in workplace accidents is a part of Hispanics in the workforce.

Peg Seminario, the director for safety and health said that there are various reasons why there is an increase in death of workers of high numbers which include a lack of training, poor communication, and exploitation of workers. The labor secretary when asked said that they were particularly concerned with Hispanic workforce, as they often work low-wage jobs which are susceptible to injuries in the workplace.

This worker death issue is a broken safety system which would allow …

Osha Awards GE For Safety Certification

Today GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies facility is celebrating the U.S OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Status. The way one can get into VPP Programs is by awarding employers and employees for their outstanding effort.

VPP sets performance criteria for managed safety and health system, which invites facilities to apply and then accesses the applicants to these criteria. OSHA’s verification includes an application review with an evaluation to OSHA safety and health experts.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies team compromised of 100 employees. Together the facility worked over the past few years to enhance culture of safety and achieve VPP Star Certification.

The OSHA officials specifically acknowledged the employees engagement in the process with a good labeling of equipments. The GE Energy said that it is a great accomplishment for our team. This GE Energy is the largest participant in the U.S OSHA VPP Program and having around 125 facilities in the program.

OSHA To Re-Evaluates Safety Program

The OSHA concluded that it did not address the findings in Government Accountability Office (GOA) report which found that it lacked sufficient internal controls to ensure that they get qualified worksites in the safety program.

The report stated that OSHA has not fully evaluated the effectiveness of its program and so OSHA’s program has been limited to how they could allocate the resources. GOA said that in context to OSHA’s limited resources will help them to reprioritize the resources in the most effective way.

A recent report of GOA stated that OSHA lacked a policy which requires documentation in VPP files regarding the follow-up actions in response to incidents. But OSHA has no documentation regarding the same VPP sites which has lead to increase in fatalities and serious injuries.

OSHA said that it will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of VPP sites and evaluation programs, to make it clear how the agency should best allocate the resources among programs enforcement and the agency’…

Osha Cites Ronkonkoma Company For Safety Violations

A mansory contractor based at Ronkonkoma has been violated for OSHA safety standards for five violations of safety standards at Forest Hills work site.

Painting and Decoration Inc. were investigating the case when OSHA inspector’s observation of work site violations ruled out that the workers had been performing succo work on a 13 foot high scaffold without guardrails or fall protection systems.

Workers had also failed to fully-plank the scaffolding, providing a ladder for employees to access the scaffold and refrain from making devices so as to increase the scaffold’s height and to provide workers with protective helmets. The company Painting & Decorating Inc. faces a fine totaling to around $120,750.

The fine imposed to company gives an idea about the nature of the hazards which could have resulted in death or disabling injury for workers.

This company has been cited fines again in a spell of just one year making it clear that the company is not following the proper safety measures …

Hispanic Death Workers Up By 76% From 1992

The number of Hispanic workers who die on the job has increased, even as the overall number of workplace deaths has declined which a report is given according to federal statistics.

The worker death has increased from 533 in 1992 to 937 in 2007 which is a remarkable 76% jump in the death number of people. In the same period, the total fatalities in all the jobs increased from 6,217 to 5,657 according to the data.According to 2007 data, U.S Bureau of investigation followed a record 990 Hispanic deaths. Last year the death toll has increased from 50 Hispanic workplace deaths in Texas alone.

This year the investigation has investigated around 21 fatalities which included 3 workers, who fell from 11 storied collapsed building in Austin. More Hispanics in the workforce can account for the increase in deaths.

The death of workers is due to lack of training, poor communication skills and exploitation of workers. So to avoid this one need to qualify for the legal documentation which are less inc…

Osha Awards Star Status To U.S Postal Service For Safety

OSHA has recognized U.S Postal Service’s Juneau Mendenhali Post office for its excellent performance in employee’s safety and health. The agency honored the facility into its VPP Programs at the star or the highest level at a ceremony.

The support of management and labor working professionals has resulted in an injury and illness rate which is 86 percent below the national average for this postal industry. The basic work performed at Juneau Mendenhali site includes collection, sorting, delivery and distribution of U.S domestic and foreign mail. The site operates 24 hours a day, six days a week with two shifts. The postal facility has a limited mail sorting capabilities which makes an average daily volume of more than 33,000 pieces. Revenue from retail services at the facility approximates $1,560,000 annually.

The star status to this facility was awarded after OSHA reviewed the facility’s safety and health programs on an interview with employees and tour of worksite facility.

The requirem…

Tri State In Training: Workshop Offered For Tourism Business

A Free workshop on getting grants through Advertising Partnership Program will be offered for the tourism business. This program is being offered as a part of partnership with West Virginia Division Tourism and promoted through Promotion Fund. To match the advertising program for small to large tourism advertising program there are 2 separate programs one is for fairs and another for festivals.

The National Association Of Builders is offering a safety training program for builders, traders contractors, supervisors and workers on scaffold and ladder safety. This seminar of 2 and a half hours focuses on identifying scaffold as well as ladder fall in construction industry which would satisfy OSHA regulations.

Along with this an OSHA course on how to write a safety and health plan for the company will be offered. The class will teach the principles of 1989 Safety and Health Programs which are aimed at direct participants to help them develop a safety and health management system and provi…

Osha Taking A Serious Look At Texas Construction

The on-the job construction death in Texas has caught the attention of many federal investigators. This month and next OSHA is dispatching inspectors to Texas. The agency has also hired some permanent investigators to look into matter with a 31 percent increase in construction related death in just 4 years, a toll on heavy Hispanic workers.

As of recent data 144 construction workers died in the job on Texas, of which 78 were Hispanic. The new enforcement has been taken into action to reduce the injuries and fatalities at construction sites. These extra inspectors are expected to conduct unannounced inspections at construction sites.

This new initiative by Texas is a big step forward as many companies would not know when OSHA inspectors strike them. Originally many companies come to know when OSHA inspectors strike them which gives construction companies time to send the workers home so that regulators can’t interview them to see them for proper safety gear.
OSHA said that it wants to wel…

Osha Fines $319,200 In Two Cases

Osha offices in New York, have issued machine guarding and other citations with a total of $249,200 in total access against specialty metals following an investigation sparked by worker’s death. Its totaled amount is around $70,000 in fines against allegedly deficiencies in the process safety management program.

The Crucible fatality occurred when the victim slipped in while attaching a water line to a roller mill which was caught in machine rotating shafts. On investigating the case OSHA inspectors concluded that machine moving parts were not being guarded properly. This accident showed that even one such instance of an unguarded machine can cost to a worker’s life.

Safeguarding workers against death, injury or illness against job requires that all applicable safety and health requirements be met at all times. This case involved a total of 68 serious citations for fall, electrical fire, crane, PPE and material storage for alleged hazards.

The other case involved 19 serious violations wh…

OSHA Investigates Contra Costo Company For Workers Death

The California Division of OSHA today began an investigation today into death of an Antioch man whose pickup truck was hit by an Amtrak train in Bay Point on Tuesday. The worker who died was an employee of Construction Company in Pittsburg.

The police authorities on the highway reported that the crash happened in the area of North Broadway Avenue and Willow Pass Road in unincorporated Contra Costa Country.

Amtrak spokesperson said that the crash was reported at about 3:15 p.m in a private crossing on BNSF Railway tracks. There were no reports of injuries to passengers on Oakland bound train.

OSHA investigators would be looking out for what caused the death of worker which was due to a hit and to determine whether any safety violations were violated. This investigation is likely to take 3 -4 months.

Osha Fines East Central Machine & Tool For Safety Violations

OSHA has fined East Central Machine & Tools Company in St Clair for allegedly violating safety and health violations with penalties of around $117,900. OSHA cited that the company is following an investigation which leads to worker’s two fingers being lost in mechanical power press. The investigation ruled out that there were 11 serious violations being cited to the company.

OSHA said that such accidents completely change the life of worker. So it is very necessary that employees take necessary steps to eliminate such situations and maintain a safe working environment for workers to prevent accidents.

This violation makes a note on company’s failure to ensure that mechanical power press had an operational means for selecting various speed settings, inoperable secondary action button for selecting continuous cycle settings and lack point of operation guarding. The company’s serious violations relate to lack of a hearing conservative program, personal protective equipment machine guar…

Osha Inspects Universal Orlando Accident

Recently an accident at Universal Orlando injured one worker on Dueling Dragons roller coaster which has sparked federal investigation. OSHA said that this morning the agency had begun to probe the details regarding the same accident.

OSHA spokesperson said that the federal agency has launched the investigation only after receiving a “referral” regarding the accident. This accident occurred at 1st July around 7:30 am. The Universal spokesperson has stresses that the ride itself is safe making people realize that the ride is safe.

Whatever happened this morning has nothing to do with the safety of ride and its thrilling experience. No doubt the condition of injured is critical but the exact condition has not been found as of yet.

St Louis Osha Construction Partnership Program Achieved By Paric

Recently an accident at Universal Orlando injured one worker on Dueling Dragons roller coaster which has sparked federal investigation. OSHA said that this morning the agency had begun to probe the details regarding the same accident.

OSHA spokesperson said that the federal agency has launched the investigation only after receiving a “referral” regarding the accident. This accident occurred at 1st July around 7:30 am. The Universal spokesperson has stresses that the ride itself is safe making people realize that the ride is safe.

Whatever happened this morning has nothing to do with the safety of ride and its thrilling experience. No doubt the condition of injured is critical but the exact condition has not been found as of yet.

Osha Fines Mass Roofing Company In Fatal Accident

OSHA has cited a fine to Massachusetts Roofing Company for violating safety standards after a truck carrying a bucket lift toppled and crashed into Boston building, killing one worker and another seriously injured.

The fine which OSHA proposed amounted to $31,000 against roofing and sheet metal LLC after citing the firm with 5 safety violations. So in accordance to fines stated by OSHA Reliable Roofing need more and better training in response to defects identified on equipment.

Reliable Roofing has 15 business days to decide whether it wants to contest the penalties.

During this 15 days the company can request an informal request with OSHA to contest the penalties it has been assigned to.

Osha To Evaluate Voluntary Protection Programs

OSHA’S Voluntary Protection Program recommended that they would improve oversight and other controls to ensure that the participating companies maintain effective workplace safety and health management systems.

The Government Accountability Office analysis recommended that the agency should strengthen the program’s oversight activity, documentation and other aspects of program’s operation to ensure consistency to existing OSHA policies and procedures. The GOA’s analysis said that OSHA has not fully evaluated the effectiveness of its co-operative program and has thus has lead to limited amount of allocated resources. This report will evaluate the OSHA’s limited resources and help them to re prioritize the resources.

To address the findings about report, OSHA’s VPP Programs will review and address the problems including program management and oversight policies procedures, documentation policy for actions taken in response to serious injuries at VPP Sites, goals and performance measure …

Osha Plans Approval Of Illinois State Public Employee Protection Plan

Recently OSHA announced the publication of notice wherein a new rule was proposed to approve a new law for Illinois state public employee protection plan. Illinois has already applied for approval to develop a public employee health program to be under control of OSHA.

This plan will require 30 days of time for its approval and offers an opportunity to request informal planning. If the plan is approved then Illinois will become the fourth state to operate a safety and program which would be designed for public employees. If this plan is approved it will cover more than 1 million public workers which would include around 161,200 state government workers and around 690,000 municipal workers .

The OSHA Act of 1970 at 29 CFR Part 1956 provides the states and territories to establish a plan which would cover only state and local government employees and would be excluded from federal coverage. Once such a plan is approved OSHA funds around 50% of the programs operating costs.

To be eligibl…

OSHA Fines Sunoco Marcus Site $202k For Safety Violations

The Labor Department’s OSHA has fined Sunoco Inc. for 25 workplace safety violations at company’s refinery Plant in Marcus Hook. OSHA is going to fine Sunoco $202,000 for violations, $125,000 for five repeat violations and $77,000 for 20 serious violations.

OSHA found the violations as a result of investigation which began as a part of a refinery-inspection program it undertook 2 years ago. The repeat violations for which Sunoco was fined include:

•Failure to maintain diagrams which accurately reflect refinery piping structures.

•Failure to develop and implement adequate written procedures.

•Failure to update safety information.

Sunoco has 15 business days from the receipt of citations through which an informal request for conference with OSHA area director could be proposed to review the penalties cited by OSHA. If Sunoco disagrees with any of the citations given by OSHA it can contest in the OSHA conference.

Nevertheless Sunoco has given full support to OSHA for inspection which addresses…

Osha Investigates Death Of Worker In Chocolate Tank

On Wednesday in chocolate warehouse facility, 700 block of North 36th Street a men fall into hot chocolate manufacturing plant. The worker was temporary one at Cocoa Services Inc. plant.
The worker was loading chunks of raw chocolate into a melting tank but he slipped and fell into tank. On seeing this the co-workers shut off the valve and tried to reach them but they failed. He was immediately taken to hospital where his family members arrived worrying about how and what happened.
According to police investigation Smith was standing over the vat of chocolate and dumping chucks of chocolate when he fell into it. On seeing this immediately three people turned off the emergency shut off but could not save him. The hot chocolate temperature was around 120 degrees.
The worker was there in the chocolate tank for about 10 minutes till the crew arrived. The rescue team who were there were immediately covered with chocolate all over the body.
This is actually a very disastrous accident leading …

BioMass Plant Receives OSHA Award

One of the biomass plant in Springfield has been operating silently for years. The Covata Energy plant is at Route no.5 on Bondi’s Island in Agawam. This plant has such a system that everyday a steady stream of garbage trucks gets unloaded into the trash and then gets headed back to more.

Initially when the plant was being proposed to built there were lot of public meetings where people opposed to building up of the plant. But as of now workers over there have forgotten everything and started to put in their best efforts to make the company rich and powerful. The Covata plant has a record of 20 years of burning trash to generate electricity which is a very great option for landfills. Anything which is recycled or dangerous is supposed to be removed before the trash arrives, but it is still checked upon as it is burned at very high temperature.

The trash is combusted in a combustion process which is actually a huge area of step down ramps which will push the trash forward while combusti…

Osha Investigates Fatal Accident At Construction Sites

At IGS Dublin construction site one man fell to death and two of co-workers were injured during an accident. The two co-workers were treated for their injuries which were non life threatening injuries.

The workers were working on scaffolding when the incident occurred as this was guided by the rescue team at the incident. This workers were employed by International Masonry Inc. one of the subcontractors on the project. Earlier IGS President said that the site where the accident occurred was under the construction. Earlier before, IGS learned of a construction related accident that claimed life of mason Wilbert Johnson and injured two other employees of
International Masonry.

Messer Construction which is project construction manager is gathering facts & co-operating with OSHA and local authorities to support OSHA’s investigation on this case.

IGS President also expressed his deepest condolences to death of employees in this incident. Due to OSHA officials investigation as of now the c…

OSHA Becomes The First Nation Protections Standards Against Infectious Airborne Diseases

The United Nations first standard to safeguard workers from the spread of air-borne diseases was approved yesterday by Office of Administrative Law and filed against secretary of state.

With support from labor management OSHA Standards approved the Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) standard which is designed to protect workers in healthcare industries from the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, influenza etc. This plan would be in action from 5th August.

This act is designed to protect employees who are likely to come in contact with transmittable disease especially due to recent events with outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu. This new ATD regulation will cover healthcare of employees who would typically treat, diagnose, or house individuals who may be ill to hospitals, clinics, nurses etc. It will also cover emergency responder’s facility.

Along with these facilities the ATD act requires healthcare employees to get trained in developing control procedures. The ATD standard prov…

Disney Monorail Accident Investigated By OSHA

Recently Walt Disney met an accident at its monorail site where the monorail crashed leading to an accident. To investigate the case, whether any federal violations standards are violated or not, OSHA investigators have been there for reviewing the site.

OSHA authorities claim that there are large numbers of OSHA standards to say that violations have occurred or not. The OSHA investigators have 6 months to investigate & review there posting as a public report.

The OSHA investigators will firstly go to site and see what has happened. They will try to speak to someone who had witnessed the incident and if required will also view the data on Monorail computers.

They are looking out for any safety violations that have occurred. If any then Walt Disney will have to pay a huge amount of fines starting up to $70,000.

There are 4 types of violations which would be required by Disney to pay a penalty of up to $70,000.First is a willful violation amounting to $70,000. Second is a repeat violati…

Osha Investigates Cudahy Plant Fire

An investigation into a fire at Patrick Cudahy plant has been launched. OSHA investigators have been called to scene to investigate the case.The Cudahy plant is already having a history of safety violations of OSHA.

So this accident has made OSHA authorities more involved in checking out whether the accident involved the violations of workplace safety.

If the fire had been due to violations of safety laws then the company would be required to pay a huge amount of penalty. Similar type of violations have been cited at Cudahy plant three years ago when firefighters battled a two-alarm fire at the plant after workmen sparked a fire in a three storey vat of fat.

This fire resulted in five serious violations by OSHA which led to thousands of dollars of fine to be paid by company. In 1990, Patrick Cudahy made headlines when OSHA cited the company for failing to properly report 550 occupational injuries three year period.

This investigation would take months of time to reveal the exact cause of …

Osha Fines Sulzer Metco Coating With 23 Violations

OSHA has fined Sulzer Metro Coating with 23 serious safety violations whose penalties totals to $56,250 which included the death of a worker. The worker at this plant died by falling into large piece of lathe machinery which did not have proper machine guarding.

The violations cited to Metco Coating by OSHA included blocked or locked exit routes; lack of proper fire protection equipments, inadequate fork training, improper storage of compressed gas, noise exposure to levels more than the permissible levels, improper means to check for supplied air respirators , lack of protective equipment for skin exposure and improper cleaning techniques of hexavalent chromium issues.

Due to this improper techniques workers are exposed more to risk leading to death of them. OSHA has asked the company to take necessary steps to correct these violations.

Generally OSHA issues serious citations to companies where there is a loss of worker or any physical harm could be possible which the employer should ha…

Worker Dies After Fireworks Explode At York Company

A Pyrotechnic worker died from an explosion on Ocracoke Island.

This incident took place when a truckloads of fireworks from a York country company exploded near one of the South terminal, killing four pyrotechnic workers and injuring another co-worker.

The explosion occurred immediately after 9 am when workers were planning for Saturday night.

This blast destroyed a big 18 wheel truck sparked several small fires and sent debris across water.

This accident caused the death of one of workers on the spot. Another two worker died at Hospitals on at UNC, another at Country Memorial Hospital. The fourth worker was considered in fair condition at UNC Hospital.

The investigation done through locals rule out that Ocracoke Island is in the southernmost tip of Outer Banks which is accessible by only ferry or boat. But this service is also an issue especially on weekends. The explosion which happened last week was heard across village with a shaky voice all over. Along with that this explosion also c…

Osha Fines $113,000 Against West Hartford Contractors

OSHA fined $113,200 to West Contractor Conn, after an employee was injured when he fell 24 feet from roof.

OSHA’s inspection found that the employer J.P Carol failed to supply fall protection to employees working on the roof and aluminum ladder used for roof purposes was not being extended for at least 3 feet above the roof’s edge and so didn’t afford the stability.

Also the ladder posed a electrocution danger as it was located only 14 inches from an energized electric power lines. Due to these results OSHA issued West Hartford three citations with $105,000 in proposed fines.

This event is a basic example of what happens when commonsense and legally required safeguards are ignored by companies. Recent inspection led the company to pay another fine of $8,200 in proposed fines for damaged scaffold, failing of which leads to accumulation of debris on work platforms. OSHA mainly issues citations when death or physical harm is likely to result from workplace hazards about which the employer k…

Osha Fines $107,500 For Valero Refinery

OSHA Fined Valero Energy Corp. a handsome amount of $107,500 for violating health and workplace safety. OSHA started investigation as a part of National Emphasis Program on petroleum refinery process safety management.

As a result of investigation the company has been issued Valero Refinery for four repeat violations of $75,000 and 9 serious violations with a penalty of $32,500. OSHA officials said that Valero is strongly encouraged to identify hazards to help ensure that workers at the site are not at risk of death.

The four repeat violations involve company’s failure to conduct and document inspections and tests on process equipment, conduct proper process hazard analysis and keep adequate process safety information. A repeat violation by OSHA is filed when such standard or violations are issued to employer with three years. OSHA will definitely cite a serious citation when there is a probability that death or physical harm could result and employer should have been aware of that.

The …

OSHA Under Investigation | Old Story in Waste Removal

A worker on a plant goes down into well & overcome by toxic gases. On seeing this a fellow worker goes down to help, but he too goes down by gases. This seems a very strange incident but is actually true which had happened at Queens recycling plant this week, leaving three people dead.

The three workers a plumber & his son along with them a recycling plant worker are believed to have died due to hydrogen sulfide a colorless gas with a color of rotten eggs. Such deaths produce only a small amount of worker fatalities in United States each year.

Last year 2 employees of a Schenectady waste cleanup company died after one died while climbing into waste tank making repairs and was overcome by fumes, followed by second worker who was trying to pull him out.

Researchers show that out of 42 incidents of workers dying of hydrogen sulfide gas more than quarter of deaths involved multiple deaths including co-workers who tried to save them. These deaths have occurred despite OSHA’s strict s…

GE Energy Receives OSHA Award For Safety

GE Energy has a production facility in Slater Mo, which has received an award from U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA for providing excellent safety measures to employees in its Slater facility. OSHA’s VPP Programs recognize business and work sites that provide an exceptional safety, health and environment practices to its employees through the efforts of their own employees, management & government.

VPP participants are a selected group of facilities which have been designed to implement safety, health & environmental programs which stays in line with OSHA mandates to protect workers effectively. VPP is OSHA’s program to recognize the dynamic efforts of employers and employees who achieve high in OSHA health & safety standards at their plant.

THE GE Chairman said that they are proud that of efforts of their employees in making them achieving extremely high in OSHA standards which made them achieve safety excellence award. He also said that approval into OSHA’s VPP is official …

End in Sight Collapsed Garage Recovery

On Monday a part of four floors of the garage collapsed in Midtown Atlanta parking garage.

After searching for more than 54 hours the rescue team has not found any victims who have suffered any injuries as of today nor have they found any missing persons. Once rescue team finishes its search & recovery then the firefighters would be able to find the real cause why the garage at Fifth & Spring streets collapsed.

But the major priority of team as of now is to look out for any vehicle caught in ruble. As of today, firefighters have been able to work till second floor of building removing 29 of the 38 crumpled cars. It is a very dangerous situation for the public to see. This building was built by Hardin Construction same company which was being cited for violations by OSHA for deficiencies at Atlanta Botanical Gardens bridge.

So on seeing this incident, the Georgia University said that it would inspect all of its parking deck facility as it had been built up by same company Hardin a…

OSHA Fines Pfizer $15k For Safety Violations

Pfizer has been fined for violating the safety violations at its Groton Campus for amount of $15,0000.

On investigating the Groton Campus OSHA officials found that there were five violations related to workplace safety in the office buildings itself. One of the 5 violations involved the unsafe clearance near electrical equipment.

On other end Pfizer said that they are partnering to co-operate with OSHA and discussing the agency’s concern over the violations. Also it stated that the company is committed to provide workplace safety and welcomes suggestions from OSHA.

OSHA termed the Pfizer’s workplace violations serious but said that if the allegations are wrong Pfizer can contest the findings. If the findings are not contested or OSHA’S findings turn to be true then these violations will be posted on workplace.