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OSHA Celebrates its Anniversary with a Photo Contest!

OSHA Celebrates its Anniversary with a Photo Contest!
OSHA has recently announced a nationwide photography contest called “Picture It Safe Workplaces for everyone!” This contest challenges photographers to capture images of workplace safety and health practices and share it with OSHA. The goal is for OSHA to interact with the general public and rely on the talent and creativity out there to kick start a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety.

This contest is a part of OSHA’s year-long celebration for its 40th anniversary and is open to anyone aged 18 and above. The contest ends on August 12th. Amateur as well as professional photographers are welcome to enter this contest. Photographers are entitled to interpret a photo of workplace safety and health in any manner that they choose to and are not restricted to specific subject matters and themes.

The First, Second and Third place prizes will be given for the best portrayal of Occupational Safety and Healthy with regards to artistic value and its ability to raise awareness. A panel of judges from the fields of photography and public affairs will be present to judge the contestants.

The winning and finalist photographs will be displayed on the OSHA photo contest page. The first prize winner will receive a framed letter of congratulations from Hilda L. Solis, the DOL Secretary.