OSHA Compliance

File A Complaint Online with OSHA

File A Complaint Online with OSHA
Employees have the right to file complaints about workplace safety and health hazards. This right was given to them by the OSHA act of 1970 and they take any complaint by the workers very seriously. One more opportunity here is that if the workers want not to reveal their name, OSHA will not reveal it to the employers. There are many options that you can adopt to file a complaint if you are experienced with some issues of safety and health.

Now, there is the the great opportunity to file a complaint online if you recognize that the working site is lacking in safety and health matters and there is fear of danger. Then OSHA will take action and try to resolve the problem informally with the specific employer over phone. The result of online complain comes earlier than the written one. You will have to submit written or signed complaints to OSHA Area or State Plan offices that results on site OSHA inspections. But if you want more confidentiality, you better should make a complaint from your own computer or from a computer in local library.

You can download the OSHA complaint form and after fill it up, you can mail or fax it to the local OSHA Regional Office. Otherwise, you can contact your local OSHA office to receive a copy of the complaint form. You must write your name, address and telephone number so that on time they can contact you. Here, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to get the print out of the form.

In the case of emergency, you can at local OSHA Regional Office or 1-800-321-OSHA. Again, in o their cases also, you can make a call OSHA staff can discuss your complaint and respond to any questions you have.

10 Hour OSHA Courses Can Well Assist The Workers

10 Hour OSHA Courses Can Well Assist The Workers
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the main federal agency in the Department of Labor, US. It aims at ensuring safety and health of the workers at working place. OSHA has radically reduced the death rate, accidents, and diseases of the workers who work with construction and general industries. For it, OSHA has set up OSHA standards that must be complied by the both employees and employers. To make familiar with the requirements of OSHA with the employers and with the employees, OSHA provides two types of OSHA 10 Hour safety training courses:
  • OSHA 10 hour Construction Industry Course and
  • OSHA 10 hour General Industry Course
OSHA 10 hour Construction Industry Course provides the general awareness to new construction workers. The course helps the workers to recognize the preventive hazards of a construction site. This course is an orientation training program intended to occupational safety and health for workers. The course teaches the purpose of OSHA Act, the OSHA inspection process, OSHA requirements for employers and employees and guidelines for fire protection and floor opening.

The 10-hour OSHA General Industry Course provides training program for the general industry workers to recognize the preventive hazards on a general industry site. The course includes the policies, standards and processes and also the general industry safety and health principles required by OSHA.OSHA 10 hour course teaches the employers and employees about the purpose of OSHA Act and the functions of OSHA. How the OSHA inspection is done, rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, requirements for special purpose equipments, general requirements for general safety standards, basic requirements for proper aisle- all these are taught in OSHA 10 hour general industry course.

Thus, OSHA 10 Hour Courses can well assist the workers with their work at working place.

Two Companies Cited for Serious Safety Violations By OSHA

Two Companies Cited for Serious Safety Violations By OSHA
OSHA has cited two companies for violating workplace safety laws and proposed a total fine of more than $200,000.

A food transportation and storage company, Americium Logistics, was cited by OSHA for a total number of seven serious violations. The violations were defined as hazards that could have resulted in severe physical harm or even death according to OSHA.

The total violations included lack of adequate respirator for workers and failure for protecting ammonia piping from rupture. The company was also cited by OSHA for four repeated violations and one lesser violation resulting in a total of $153,000 in the proposed penalties.

Another company, Fleet pride Inc., a truck parts distributor, was cited by OSHA for three serious violations. The violation included defunct emergency lighting and four repeated violations that included for inadequacy of personal protective equipment.

OSHA spoke in a press release that the types of violations show the companies’ disregard for the safety and welfare of its workers. An organization should have safe practices to avoid tragedy into the lives of the workers.

To safeguard the safety and health of the workers, OSHA has mandated the OSHA safety courses for all workers. The OSHA safety training courses have been designed to help workers to be safe and know all the concepts to handle any hazards in work-sites.

30 hours OSHA courses and its benefits

30 hours OSHA courses and its benefits
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the main federal agency of US in the Department of Labor that aims at ensuring the safety and health of the workers along with the working environment. OSHA has been providing two types of courses: 10 hour course OSHA courses and 30 hour OSHA courses. The 30 hour courses has the following types of courses:

1.OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course and

2.OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course is a safety training for the Construction Industry workers. This course helps the workers providing training on occupational safety and health orientation required by OSHA. OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course is specially designed to help the workers so that they could recognize the hazards on the work site and also could eliminate it safely. It introduces the workers with preventive measures for accidents, personal protective equipments, and requirements for fire protection.

OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course is a comprehensive safety program which helps the workers of general industry. Through the course the workers get information on OSHA compliance issues which are devised for safety directors and field supervisor. The course introduces the trainees about the purpose of the OSHA Act and lists the functions of OSHA. It also includes the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSHA Act.

The benefits of both OSHA 30 Hour Construction Online Course and OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Online Course are lie in the safety and the health of the workers. With the help oh these courses, the employees can stay safe and the employers also can get better productivity.

Make your work place safe

Make your work place safe
It is the natural instinct that works with safety measures. How much brave you are, you need safety that makes you aware of the surroundings. In the case of the general and the construction company workers, the situation is quite different. Throughout the annals of the construction and general industries history, workers risk of life has remained as a question though there are so many steps have been taken by government and other organizations. If the workers are not safe at working place, then the whole industry stops development. So, there is great need to maintain the safety and health of the workers at working place.

The question is how to make the working place safe. There are so many ways that are developed as time passed and among all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the main federal agency of U.S. Department of Labor has marked the way. OSHA has introduced many regulations and OSHA safety training courses for the safety and health of the workers at working place and the industries must have to comply with the rules that are imposed upon them by OSHA.

You can directly approach OSHA and can complain for not providing protective measures in your working place by the employers. If your request to the authority is done, then there is nothing to be worry. But if your request is ignored, then you should directly go for OSHA to make a complaint against the industry for not providing you the safety measures. OSHA will offer you the training that can save your life with its protective skills. OSHA safety training is full of the safety skills and you can get more practical knowledge of handling any hazardous matter. Just try to keep yourself intact and satisfied at working place and if you are not equipped well by the industry, never hesitate to scratch the necessities for your safety from OSHA.

How Can Reliability Based Program Improve Safety

How Can Reliability Based Program Improve Safety
You need not be an accountant or statistician to know that safety is essential for business. The sampling of the annual cost incurred as a direct result of accidents clearly provides a business case – if not an ethical mandate – that safety should be the first thing for every company.
  • Approximately six million workers suffer from non-fatal workplace injuries at an annual cost to U.S. businesses of more than $125 billion. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • Lost productivity from the workplace injuries and illnesses costs companies about $60 billion annually. (OSHA)
  • The median days away from work because of injuries and illnesses for goods-producing industries is nine days each year, with more than a quarter of days-away-from-work cases at 31 days or more away from work. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • The total annual economic cost of occupational injuries and death is estimated to exceed $142.2 billion, with a total of about 120 million days lost due to occupational deaths and injuries. (National Safety Council)
  • Businesses spend some $170 billion a year on costs that is associated with occupational illnesses and injuries. (American Industrial Hygiene Association, OSHA)
  • Employers annually spend more than $50.8 billion in wage payments and medical care for workers hurt on the job. (Liberty Mutual)
Data collected by OSHA indicates that since its inception in 1970, a total of 75,000 lives have been saved and millions of injuries and illnesses have been prevented through reliability-based effective and OSHA safety programs. These programs focus on three areas: process reliability, asset reliability, and procedure reliability.

OSHA proposes $64,000 in penalties against Elk Grove, Ill.-based Ceva Freight for serious and repeat safety violations

OSHA proposes $64,000 in penalties against Elk Grove, Ill.-based Ceva Freight for serious and repeat safety violations
OSHA has cited Ceva Freight LLC, a logistics and freight management solutions company for national and multi-national companies in Elk Grove, and found the company full of alleged, serious, repeat and other-than-serious violations of federal workplace safety standards. So, OSHA has proposed with $64,000 in penalties against all the reasons they have found there.

In January 2010 inspection, OSHA has already cited the same company with two serious violations and for that OSHA has proposed a $10,000 penalty. The company on that time was cited for not ensuring industrial trucks properly inspected before use and for failing to provide legible name plates on the trucks. According to OSHA regulation, that is a serious violation as because the result of such mistake can take many workers life and at the same time it is a known factor to them.

OSHA has found out two repeat violations at Ceva Freight LLC and so again proposed a $50,000. This time their fault was they fail to provide proper load backrest extensions and to take trucks with safety defects out of service. As repeat violation is a big issue when the employer previously was cited for the similar violation.

The company did not record injury and illness on OSHA 300 forms and to provide those forms to OSHA when requested. And for this violation OSHA has proposed a $4,000 penalty.

Diane Turek , OSHA Area Director in Des Plaines, Ill said,"Employees that work with and around powered industrial trucks face serious injury or even death if proper OSHA safety regulations are not followed. Those who ignore these safety regulations are inviting tragedy into the lives of their workers."

OSHA has provided OSHA safety training, and made OSHA safety regulations, OSHA compliance and many more so that the risk at working place reduces. Employers should comply with OSHA regulations t o ensure the safety and the health of the workers.

Terrible explosion and importance of OSHA

Terrible explosion and importance of OSHA
At a Massey Energy mine in West Virginia, a terrible explosion has took 29 workers life in last January. To find out the reason why the explosion had taken place, a federal mine safety inspector undertook the responsibility and started the inspection on the site and specially saw the flawed ventilation system of that mine. Finally it is was seen that ignoring some major problem like “Upper Big Branch Mine's airflow -- key to keeping deadly gases and coal dust from rising to explosive levels -- was going in the wrong direction.” is the reason behind such explosion. According to the inspector, " Miners informed me that they questioned management about this condition and they were told it was fine, not to worry about it."

The federal group Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) takes these sites over OSHA and there is no such rule and regulation that mine sites must comply with the OSHA compliance. If in any mine site, Mine Safety & Health Administration covers workers in a mine, then OSHA will not provide anything. In some cases like: truck drivers rolling down the highway, workers on a ship at sea, and flight crews up in an airplane, that special company or industry will get coverage from other sources that works over OSHA. Though OSHA does not cover such situation, the companies or industries can invite OSHA and provide their employees the best OSHA safety trainings so that they do not have to become the worst victim. OSHA safety training and OSHA compliance along can provide all the security of workers, employers and the company as a whole.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment is defined in Work Regulations as: “All equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work which protects them against one or more risks to their health and safety.” PPE is one of the most crucial point that every worker should get for their safety at work. There are various types of equipment that the workers use at working site though all can not work to save them on time. But PPE alone can do the favor to the workers. It includes equipment like: hard hats, safety footwear, high visibility waistcoats, goggles, respirators, life jackets, and safety harnesses.

Waterproof clothing, weatherproof clothing, or insulated clothing comes to the OSHA safety Regulations, if it is necessary to protect the workers against hazardous climatic conditions where they could be affected. One opportunity that the workers get is on time, the PPE is provided by the employers and not by themselves. Now let us see the reasons why PPE must be considered as a ‘last resort’:
  • PPE protects the person who wears it, whereas measures controlling the risk at source protect everyone in the workplace
  • Effective security is only achieved by selecting suitable PPE and if it is correctly fitted, maintained and used
  • PPE restricts the wearers to some extent by limiting mobility or visibility, or by requiring additional weight to be carried. Thus creating additional hazards.

Now Improve Your Career With OSHA Certification Courses

Now Improve Your Career With OSHA Certification Courses
OSHA certification has significant role in improving any business success. If a businessman does not comply with OSHA compliance, then he may get threats in his business progress. That is the reason why you want to be equipped with all the knowledge regarding OSHA so that you can prepare well for what might happen and able to handle issues of workplace safety. If you are caught violating any OSHA regulation, You may have to face the worst possible condition. You should never count OSHA compliance as an optional one. Though OSHA does not cover some areas, even then too you should go for it for your bright future.

If you have OSHA certification of getting OSHA safety training, then this is sure that any company will give you the first chance to join them. The reason is simple. That company will not have to provide OSHA safety training for you and as a trained employee, you can help them in many cases regarding safety and health of the worker. Employers need employees with better skills and knowledge. So, if you have more OSHA safety training and certification, your chance of getting better job in better company becomes more certain. To build a better career, you can get optional OSHA courses to improve your knowledge and compliance. However, you may become a desirable employee and also you can demand a better earning. You do not have to go and sit in a classroom for a long time to complete the OSHA courses as far as online courses are easily available. From home with complete comfort, you can get the courses that can definitely make a bright career for you.

Some Significant Benefits of OSHA Safety Training

Some Significant Benefits of OSHA Safety Training
There is no need to say simply about the benefits of OSHA safety training as it is well known to all. But there is great importance in revealing some great significant benefits that OSHA safety training can offer to all human kind. Though the main aim of OSHA is to ensure the safety and health of the employees or workers, If you peep through the depth, you will find what a great job is conducted by OSHA that involves human values like: punctuality, discipline, responsibility, humanity, hospitality, human rights and many more. All these values together can make the world, the only inhabited planet found till date, beautiful and worth to live on.

At a company different types of workers from the top positioned employees to the bottom leveled employees like cleanup crew work and OSHA safety training can help all the employees and the employers directly or indirectly by proving a good and healthy environment and safety as a whole. Safety of both the workers and the work sites over anything else works as the paramount to the success of the company. If the workers can work freely without carrying the fear of accident or death, then the result must be better than ever regarding the productivity. Now, online OSHA safety training courses are readily available and it is accepted as the best method for both educating and certifying workers in workplace safety regulations.

OSHA safety training not only offers safety measures but it can really make people aware of their surroundings and also make them internally sincere. This is the best thing that can save all the earth from any kind of hazards.

OSHA Made Safety Training Mandatory

OSHA Made Safety Training Mandatory
Now, OSHA Outreach training is made mandated by many states and every year more states are seen attentive to grab the opportunity. At this time, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island are the states that have accepted the OSHA Outreach training as a mandatory one. The more attractive point that the these courses offer is that they are available in many convenient ways that can completely suit you or your business.

These OSHA safety training courses suit every kind of companies whether it is a larger company, mid-sized company or small sized company. For larger companies, to hire an on site instructor will make sense as he can teach an entire workforce at once. There are so many benefits of these types of learning regarding a unified environment, single instructor cost, and no cost individual fee.

A mid-sized company can take the opportunity to get an on site OSHA safety training. They can prefer an online safety school that offers a discount for group enrollment. It will become cost effective then and one more benefit of these online schools is that they offer temporary printable certificates so that you get your workforce back in action.

Smaller companies can experience the benefit of these OSHA online safety training by allowing 6 months to complete a course and members to work at their own pace on their own time, and by getting rid of instructor fees. However, on site online safety training may still be a good option if you can get in on a larger groups class.

Thus, the new OSHA rule can help all kind of companies and their workers.

Shipbreaking workers will be provided safety measures

Shipbreaking workers will be provided safety measures
Ship-breaking workers have to expose to many difficult and accident prone works that lead to asbestos, electric shock, falls and fires. They have to remove gear and equipment from old and outdated ships and have to break down the vessels for reuse or recycling. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Safe Work Practices in Ship-breaking document now offers effective ways to protect the workers from injury and death that occur at the working site. The Safe Work Practices in Ship-breaking document also offers outlines employers' obligations so that the employers could provide safe work environments for their workers.

According to OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels,"Ship-breaking workers' safety and health depend on their employers following the standards meant to prevent work-related hazards.”The Safe Work Practices in Ship-breaking document is available only online like many other OSHA safety training courses. It includes references to OSHA standards and explains that employers should provide emergency response and fire prevention plans to their employees that can sure help them protecting from any hazards. The Safe Work Practices in Ship-breaking document focuses on information on ship-breaking safety and health issues as OSHA regulations do. These regulations sure can help employers in developing safety and health programs that can successfully protect their workers through all phases of the ship-breaking process.

OSHA has contributed a lot for the safety and health of the workers by providing OSHA safety training and also innovating new ideas to offer effective ways so that the life and health of he workers remain safe at their working place. The aim and objective of OSHA safety training is to assure the safe conditions for America's working men and women.

OSHA Orders New Jersey Transit To Pay To Workers For Violation

OSHA Orders New Jersey Transit To Pay To Workers For Violation
The U.S. Department of Labor's OSHA after investigating a whistle blower found that New Jersey Transit had retaliated against a worker for reporting a work-related illness thus violating the Federal Railroad Safety Act.

According to the investigation, an employee was brought up on charges for missing work by the the railroad after suffering a job-related sickness after witnessing a fatal accident that involved another worker. The worker was also retaliated by the railroad cutting off his pay and suspending him as well. The employee faced financial and personal losses due to the retaliatory acts. The employee then filed a whistle blower complaint with OSHA, alleging about the retaliation by the railroad for reporting the work-related illness. An investigation was conducted by OSHA's Whistle blower Protection Program under the whistle blower provisions of the FRSA. They found merit to the employee’s complaint and ordered a relief.

Any employee has the legal right to report work-related injuries and illnesses without fear of retaliation. This case will send a clear message that retaliating against an employee for exercising the rights given to them will be held accountable.

OSHA has enforced the whistle blower protection provisions to protect workers who report violations of various workplace safety, trucking, securities, public transportation airline, securities, pipeline, environmental, securities and consumer product safety laws.

Under the OSHA Act of 1970, an employer is responsible for providing safe and healthful work environment for their employees. OSHA safety courses will be the step to protect employees and help them to stay current with the latest safety trend. The OSHA safety training programs are provided online by many websites today.

OSHA Safety Program To Protect Federal Workers

OSHA Safety Program To Protect Federal Workers
OSHA's Federal Agency Targeting Inspection Program 2010 (FEDTARG10) is targeting hazardous federal work sites lately. The OSHA safety program emphasizes work site safety for federal workers and contractors as supervised by federal personal.

The FEDTARG10 focuses on the most dangerous federal agency work sites that has experienced a high number of lost time injuries during 2009 fiscal. Some high hazard federal work sites was inspected by field inspectors and from that found out 336 OSHA safety and health standard violations. The top three OSHA standards were respiratory protection, electrical and hazard communications. The number of violations cited were doubled the number cited in 2008 that indicates the necessity for the FEDERATE program.

David Michaela, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, said that the right to safe and healthful working environment is not limited to private industry employees only but those people working for the federal government as well. Targeting the federal workplaces continuing will only ensure consistent work site safety standards in both federal and private sectors.

Under the OSHA Act of 1970, the employers of an organization are responsible for the safety and health of the workers. OSHA safety training has been a measure for allotting safe and healthy work sites for the workers. With OSHA safety training program, the number of injuries and illness will reduce in both federal and private sectors.

OSHA Going Green

OSHA Going Green
The Directorate of Cooperative and State Programs recently hosted an informational session for small occupations titled as the “Green Jobs: Safety and Health Outlook for Workers and Small Employers” at the Department of Labor. The session was conducted with a purpose to describe OSHA’s Green job efforts, to discuss the work site hazards that associate with green jobs, challenges posed by green jobs as well as the opportunities, review the best work practices and the strategies for small scale businesses to reduce safety and health hazards in green jobs. However, the session was that up to the mark.

What OSHA can do when it comes to Green Jobs?

They can frame the issue within the social, economical,and environmental or occupational health context. They can define the tern Green Industry or Job and Green Manufacturing in terms of the environmental health and safety,workers health and safety, economic drivers, politics and policy, social well-being for workers,quality of life for consumers and social equity.

Specify the occupational health risks that are common or associated with “green industry” and then link it with the current Federal and state policies, regulations and programs. Those risks which are unique to the green industry must be highlighted. They should clearly describe a strategic plan to handle these risks.

They can use the freshness of “the green industry to improve the existing Federal as well as state worker safety and health policies, regulations and programs. Most of the risks involved like confined space, lockout/ragout, hazard communication, heat stress, crane and derricks, powered industrial trucks, machine guarding and fall safety are not new. They can leverage this great opportunity to improve the OSHA safety training programs, sites and data collection efforts for hazards and exposures of “green industry”. OSHA has mandated OSHA training courses for worker in other industries and now they can focus on this green industry.

OSHA deleted serious citations in Washington State

OSHA deleted serious citations in Washington State
The Testator Anacondas refinery in Washington State was inspected by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Division of Occupational Safety And Health or DOSH in 2008. According to the inspection made, they have found serious safety problems in the industry. However, the agency has deleted 14 of the 17 serious citations after a settlement agreement. The penalty was lowered to $12,250 from $85,700.

The whole incident started after there was a massive explosion that rocked the refinery in April 2nd killing 5 employees and critically injuring 2 more. The citation should have set as a warning to the problematic system at the refinery. However, it seems Tesoro and Washington State DOSH did not take the matter that seriously and the needed actions to prevent the catastrophic incident was scarp out.

It is a known fact that the agency has a reputation of negotiating away citations in the past in refinery disaster. A much likely case would be the fire at Equilibration refinery in 1998 where six workers were killed and the agency dropped the intentional violations and issued only two unclassified citations.

Looking at these incidents, some questions do arise whether the settlement agreement that reduced the citations would benefit the worker safety on a long run or does it serve to lower the legal liability for organizations while allowing OSHA for more easily cast-out inspections.

The organizations or employers are responsible for providing safety and healthy working environment for the workers. If you want to avoid any penalty or fine by OSHA then, the OSHA safety training programs will be very helpful. There are many sites today offering authentic OSHA compliance training courses online.

Industry Operations will be Inspected with Greater Scrutiny

Industry Operations will be Inspected with Greater Scrutiny
The effects of the hazardous chemicals in human body is horrible and the workers who expose to hazardous chemicals, many times they have to suffer badly, they lose their body parts like e yes, nose, hands and many more. They remain unable to work farther and their life faces difficulties to live a normal life.

For the safety and health of the workers, OSHA has now started with an inspection of the chemical industries so that the industries maintain a protective chemical manufacturing process. This is seem to be the first cause of the accidents that occur at working place while exposing to the chemicals for various purposes.

According to Richard E. Fairfax, the director of OSHA enforcement programs, beginning this year, chemical companies will receive a battery of complex 'process safety management' (PSM) inspections conducted by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.”

OSHA will conduct this PSM inspection more frequently than ever before and the inspections will be more complex. Fairfax says the new chemical and refinery inspections are OSHA "national emphasis programs." Right now in different countries, OSHA has eight emphasis programs. The approximate duration of the programs is 5 years.

To inspect all the refineries is quite impossible for OSHA, still it will inspect 81 refineries out of 101. The remaining refineries are a part of a voluntary OSHA oversight program. 28,000 chemical plants a re under the jurisdiction of OSHA. OSHA is starting to plan how many will be inspected by them.

OSHA has taken a great step towards the safety of the workers by starting complex inspection of the chemical industries. With the huge number of inspectors (1,000 and 330 are trained) for refinery program, OSHA can sure help the workers to work safely at working place.

Now OSHA Outlines The Final Ruling for Recording Work-Related Injuries

Now OSHA Outlines The Final Ruling for Recording Work-Related Injuries
OSHA has finally suggested the Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements Rule thus ending the time for public comment.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration intends to change the per-existing principles to make sure employers that have 10 or more employees would need to keep a record of some work-related musculature disorders in their OSHA 300 Log.

The Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy was sought by the small business community to voice concern over the potential small business costs as well as the complexity of the proposed rule. The SBA Office of Advocacy filed comments that signify the opinions of small businesses along with OSHA.

The OSHA 300 Log is a record of work-related sicknesses and injuries that most employers are duty-bound to keep. Musculature Disorder is defined by OSHA as disarrays of muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, joints and spinal discs. However it does not consist of injuries that are caused due to trips, falls, slips, automobile accidents or any similar accident.

OSHA has taken on the initiatives to evaluate and examine the comments to sum-up the final rule. By Jan.1, 2011., the ruling will be in place.

Injuries and sickness is part of every work sites or occupations but is the responsibility of both the employers and employees to see that the work environment is as safe and healthy as possible. The OSHA safety training courses are designed to help workers comply with the OSHA standards. The OSHA safety training program will help both employers and employees to gain the knowledge about the current safety procedures.

Delaware City, Del., manufacturing company Cited by OSHA

Delaware City, Del., manufacturing company Cited by OSHA
The latest company to be cited by OSHA is Formosa Plastics Corp. for almost 27 alleged serious work site safety and health violations that include workers’ exposure to combustible dust hazards. The penalty fines could total $133,500.

The investigation was performed after a worker complaint regarding the hazards. According to the agency, the violations include the failure to contain polyvinyl chloride dust particles properly, measure contractors' safety programs and procedures, to provide fire retardant clothing for the workers, to inspect process equipment properly, to provide employees proper and adequate eye protector with side shields, to provide proper industrial safety training and provide employees with health facility or a person trained in first aid.

Again hazards that involves a lack of machine guarding, poorly processed safety management program, floor holes and walkways as well as deficient lockout procedures for the energy sources and unguarded machinery were identified by the inspectors. OSHA has issued a serious citation when they found out the substantial probability that serious injuries or death could result.

Domenic Salvatore, the director of OSHA's Wilmington, Del., office said that this violation is an indication that the employers need to improve its industrial safety training program.

Under the OSHA Act of 1970, the employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. A better way is to provide OSHA safety training which will help the workers and the employers to comply with OSHA standard. OSHA training certification is a must for workers and employers to stay safe and know all the OSHA rules and regulations.