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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment is defined in Work Regulations as: “All equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work which protects them against one or more risks to their health and safety.” PPE is one of the most crucial point that every worker should get for their safety at work. There are various types of equipment that the workers use at working site though all can not work to save them on time. But PPE alone can do the favor to the workers. It includes equipment like: hard hats, safety footwear, high visibility waistcoats, goggles, respirators, life jackets, and safety harnesses.

Waterproof clothing, weatherproof clothing, or insulated clothing comes to the OSHA safety Regulations, if it is necessary to protect the workers against hazardous climatic conditions where they could be affected. One opportunity that the workers get is on time, the PPE is provided by the employers and not by themselves. Now let us see the reasons why PPE must be considered as a ‘last resort’:
  • PPE protects the person who wears it, whereas measures controlling the risk at source protect everyone in the workplace
  • Effective security is only achieved by selecting suitable PPE and if it is correctly fitted, maintained and used
  • PPE restricts the wearers to some extent by limiting mobility or visibility, or by requiring additional weight to be carried. Thus creating additional hazards.