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Industry Operations will be Inspected with Greater Scrutiny

Industry Operations will be Inspected with Greater Scrutiny
The effects of the hazardous chemicals in human body is horrible and the workers who expose to hazardous chemicals, many times they have to suffer badly, they lose their body parts like e yes, nose, hands and many more. They remain unable to work farther and their life faces difficulties to live a normal life.

For the safety and health of the workers, OSHA has now started with an inspection of the chemical industries so that the industries maintain a protective chemical manufacturing process. This is seem to be the first cause of the accidents that occur at working place while exposing to the chemicals for various purposes.

According to Richard E. Fairfax, the director of OSHA enforcement programs, beginning this year, chemical companies will receive a battery of complex 'process safety management' (PSM) inspections conducted by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.”

OSHA will conduct this PSM inspection more frequently than ever before and the inspections will be more complex. Fairfax says the new chemical and refinery inspections are OSHA "national emphasis programs." Right now in different countries, OSHA has eight emphasis programs. The approximate duration of the programs is 5 years.

To inspect all the refineries is quite impossible for OSHA, still it will inspect 81 refineries out of 101. The remaining refineries are a part of a voluntary OSHA oversight program. 28,000 chemical plants a re under the jurisdiction of OSHA. OSHA is starting to plan how many will be inspected by them.

OSHA has taken a great step towards the safety of the workers by starting complex inspection of the chemical industries. With the huge number of inspectors (1,000 and 330 are trained) for refinery program, OSHA can sure help the workers to work safely at working place.