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Now Reduce Electrical Hazards with OSHA

Now Reduce Electrical Hazards with OSHA
There are so many hazardous issues lying with the construction and general industries that are tried to be reduced by OSHA. Electricity has played a vital role in the industries and it is quite impossible to think about an industry without electricity. The electricians and other workers who have to work with electricity must have to take utmost care otherwise it obvious to meet some danger. Working with electricity is not a game and the employers must have to provide extreme protective measures for the workers working with electricity. There ample examples of electrical hazards in the annals of construction and general industries.

An alliance is formed with OSHA, Labor Union and employers to reduce worker exposure to electrical hazards in the Southeast. This is a voluntary and cooperative effort for safety and health of the workers that will be done by the means of education, communication and training. The workers will be given proper and practical training to improve their skill to find out and maintain a safe distance from power sources while working, to equip with proper protective wearing, and to use effective grounding techniques.

This is a very new alliance which was signed on 26 Sept. 2009. The members of OSHA’s Atlanta’s regional office, Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the fifth and tenth districts of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and the Southeastern Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training Council (SELCAT) are the members of the alliance.

This is sure that if the alliance works well, electrical hazards and fatalities caused by it will diminish rapidly.