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Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
The contribution of OSHA towards the welfare of the workers who work in the construction and general industries is known to all. OSHA regulations have changed the prevailing rules of the industries that were not convenient for them in many ways. Still, OSHA has been searching new ways of effective protective ways that can help the workers well. Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is one of the initiatives of OSHA that goes beyond the requirements of OSHA standard.

Voluntary Protection Program is designed to establish a relationship between the employees, employers and OSHA that can be beneficial for both the workers and their employers. This program recognizes the outstanding achievement of the workers and others who have successfully incorporated safety and health programs into their management system. Another objective of this program is that it inspires other workers to achieve the finest safety and health results by doing the a little effort.

All the employees are not collected for the program like other trainings and programs of OSHA. Employees must have to apply for the program to attend. After the applications of the employees are received and granted OSHA, then the employees get qualified to get the program. If the onsite review presented by the review team is considered by the Assistant Secretary of OSHA, the employers will get their letter that will inform them about the site of its participation in the voluntary Protection Program.

This voluntary Protection Program is available under federal jurisdiction in all the states. The industries that feel the need of this program can contact the proper state agencies.