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Workers satisfaction and development of industry

Workers satisfaction and development of industry
Workers satisfaction and development of industry are the two sides of a coin. Take the example of your home only. When you do not feel happy with anything that you have to work, can you concentrate well with that work? The answer is same for all the workers whether they are working with industries or at home. No one can do well any task if they are not satisfied. And development solely lies in the performance of the workers or their good work. Now you can ask what kind of satisfaction a worker needs to work well. You may have many examples of workers who want to complain against the rules and regulations of the industries that are not convenient for them.

On the other hand, the employers need more and more work from the workers but they are not concern about the safety of the workers at all. OSHA has worked as a revolution to the safety and health of the workers by regulating many rules. This US government agency of the department of Labor has introduced courses that are designed to bring awareness to the workers.

This help the workers to know all the rules and regulations of OSHA that must have to be fulfilled by the employers. OSHA provides training for the workers so that they can get the skills and knowledge of working safely. He works so wonderfully that now the rate of accidents, injuries and death decrease to a level of ignorance. At the same time the workers become confident and the result is good work and the development of the industries.