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OSHA’s Latest Outline To Schedule Inspections

OSHA’s Latest Outline To Schedule Inspections
You may think how OSHA chooses a company for inspection is a big obscurity. But you can easily find out how they select a target for their rigorous or sometime a friendly inspection.

One big fact is that a company can come under the scanner of OSHA if the injury rate is higher than their industrial average. So, it is a good time to benchmark your company’s injury rates now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases Workplace Injuries and Illnesses reports annually. The report contains the total OSHA recordable and DART rates by industry.

It is also good if you could know the industries with the highest average DART rates. OSHA frequently focuses on those industries along with National Emphasis Programs.

Some of the industries with the largest DART rates are:

• Wood product manufacturing, 4.1

• Primary metal manufacturing, 4.3

• Food manufacturing, 4.4

• Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing, 5.0

• Nursing and residential care facilities, 5.2

• Warehousing and storage, 5.5

• Couriers and messengers, 6.8

• Air transportation, 7.3

The medium size companies have a record of the highest injury and illness rates while some states like Washington, Montana and Maine have high injury rates.