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OSHA focuses Local Emphasis Program on General Industry Establishments with Respiratory and Noise Hazards

OMAHA, Neb. – OSHA‘s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Omaha Area Office has started a local emphasis program in Nebraska aimed to reduce employee exposure to health hazards in general industry establishments that commonly have the respiratory and noise hazards.

This program is designed to help general industry employers who proactively addresses to air and noise quality issues in the workplace. The use of the term “general industry” by OSHA refers to all industries not included in construction, agriculture or maritime.

“The hazards associated with noise and air contamination are well recognized,” said the OSHA’s regional administrator in Kansas City, Mo., Charles E. Adkins. "OSHA's Omaha Area Office will devote resources to outreach and enforcement activities for many general industry employers in Nebraska to help ensure worksites are safe and healthful."

According to the program, OSHA will make a list of potential companies for inspection based on the type of work conducted. Some industries that are to be covered will include those involved in fabricated structural metal products; cut stone and other stone products; miscellaneous fabricated metal products; concrete, plaster and gypsum products; engraving, coating and related services; veneer, millwork, structural wood and plywood; motor vehicles; iron and steel foundries; and nonferrous foundries (castings).