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Working in any Industry is unsafe for Teenagers – Follow OSHA Rules

Working in any Industry is unsafe for Teenagers – Follow OSHA RulesIt’s a duty of an employer of a company not to follow OSHA standards, its rules and regulations, but also to understand it as well. Today there are some organizations where several programs are organized, specially meant to educate youngsters about the organizational health safety and help them finding jobs.

It has been continuously a center point in every industry that hazardous accidents are taking place due to lack of people’s knowledge about safety. When talking about teenagers, it is found out that all kind of industries are unsafe for them and lots of training is to be provided to them to avoid such accidental injuries.

It is not that employers are unaware about the efficiency of health and safety training for youngsters, but they are lacking behind to aid them with a proper training due to the reason they do not want to invest their time, and money to educate their employees who work with them.

Industries specially Construction Industry and Agriculture Industry are the most treacherous industries for teenagers to work in. Although it is against the law, that young people are not allowed to work in such industries, but despite of these some employers are hiring teen workers to involve in hazardous activities taking place in industries like dealing with hazardous materials, working near by heavy tools and machineries.

The main reason of increased teenage worker’s death is due to their involvement in such prohibited industries like construction and agriculture. According to the governmental Child Labor law, teenagers are not allowed to work or help their parents working in the farms. In Industries, workers under 18 years of age are strictly restricted as there is involvement of heights and hazardous materials increasing the risks of falls and explosions; which are seen to the most common fatal injuries among teenagers.

OSHA offers several ideas on how to protect teen workers from fatalities in Industries. Teenagers are advised to follow certain rules and regulations that help protecting them from severe injuries.

Teen workers need to know some facts in regards with working in industry.

- A workers below 18 years of age is forbidden to involve in work dealt with the hazardous chemicals, or pesticides

- Health and Safety Training should be taken about the chemicals used in industries and the ways to protect from any accidents.

Teenagers – Be alert, work safely and OSHA training is advisable to avoid any fatal accidents in industries.