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OSHA investigating construction site following the death of a worker in trench collapse

Dakota Dunes, Iowa- According to the authorities the worker who died in a accident at construction site in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota on Tuesday morning is from Sioux Falls.

The Union County sheriff says Gabe Koenigsfeld; 27 year old was a part of the crew digging a basement on Tuesday morning when a part of the wall collapsed.

He was buried under sand and dirt. Despite of the quick efforts put to dig him out, he was pronounced dead at a Sioux City hospital. The worker worked for the JJ construction, in Tea.

He was an outstanding at sports at Rudd-Rockford- Marble Rock High School in Iowa, and was former football player in South Dakota State.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesperson says that they did have a compliance officer at the site on Wednesday.

The first task is to ensure that no one else is exposed to the hazards at the site says OSHA. The officer will check if the work site was in compliance with trenching and excavating standards interview the employees and also evaluate the soil conditions.

There is no immediate timeline for Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation but they do have six months time limit.