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What are the Focus Four Hazards as defined by OSHA?

What are the Focus Four Hazards as defined by OSHA?Construction workers cover about 6% of the country’s workforce but it accounts for more than 20% of all job related fatalities each year. Construction is considered to be one of the most hazardous industries in America. Each year there has been increase in the number of construction workers who lose their lives and are injured. The Focus Four Hazards continue to account for the greatest number of preventable fatalities that occur in the construction industry.

More important is the information in the causes of these accidents than the total number of construction fatalities. These fatalities and injuries which are associated with the Focus Four hazards are preventable. It occurs when the guidance for the standards are not followed. It is essential that additional safety emphasis is to be placed on the Focus Four hazards in construction. It is of importance that safety and health programs contain provisions to protect the workers from the Focus Four hazards on the job.

OSHA Focus Four and other construction Hazards program include:

•This program will focus on six training modules; Introduction, Fall Hazards, Electrical Hazards, Caught in between Hazards, Struck by Hazards and other Construction hazards.

•Quiz and Closing Comments

•Program will use a different approach in providing this training which includes some case histories of accidents.

•The program says that if there is no learning from the past accidents then, it is likely to happen again.

The main aim of the OSHA safety program is to send every worker home whole and healthy every day.