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First-Aid in Workplace can save lives

First-Aid in Workplace can save lives
Every workplace should include these four major components of First-aid that should include; first-aid room, first-aid box, first-aider, first-aid equipment and first-aider. When deciding the number of first-aid box, first-aid rooms, first-aiders following factors should be considered; the type of industry, total number of workers and location of the company to the nearest hospital.

If the company has shift work schedule then there should be enough first-aiders for each shift. Employer of the company should maintain safe systems of work at workplace and they should also give safety training courses to prepare the workers to act according to the situation which is required at the time of any accident or injury.

In a workplace it is the duty of the employer to display the notice, in a prominent place at work-site which should include the names and location of first-aiders. An employer should send his workers to get first-aid training. Here are some of the important steps which first-aiders should know:
  • Immediate first-aid treatment should be given to the one who gets injured. They should also keep in mind that a casualty may have more illness of serious injuries.

  • There should be quick arrangement of sending the injured worker to a doctor, hospital or home, according to the situation.

  • The duty of first-aider get completely only when the injured is handed over to the care of any responsible health care personnel.

  • There should be every record of injury and treatment which is given by the first-aider should be made.
OSHA safety training course is a government recognized body which conducts safety programs for workers of construction site and also general site. Main aim of the organization is to prevent workplace hazard, injuries, illness and deaths. Safety training courses are needed to ensure safety to workers and making the workplace a safer place.