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Workers in general industries and construction companies are facing many kinds of problem from the very beginning. Many times they are not justified. They have to work at unhygienic sites and many times they get injured and die also. OSHA (Occupational safety and health administration) was established in the year 1971 as the main federal agency of U.S. Department of Labor to prevent such work related injuries, illness, and deaths. OSHA has begun to provide training for the workers. After the introduction of OSHA, the occupational death has been cut by 62% and injuries have decreased to 42%. These trainings help the workers in understanding if the employers are providing safe and healthy working conditions or not. OSHA aims at ensuring the worker friendly condition for the workers so that no worker dies or injures on the job. OSHA conducts inspection of workplace to ensure that the employers and employees are following the safety and health regulations. OSHA provides education and training about work place safety and health issues. OSHA helps the employers and employees in improving the safety and health conditions. It provides publications and interactive guidance so that the employers and the employees can understand the importance of the safety and health requirements.

To make thing easy and handy, two types of training are provided by OSHA:

• OSHA construction course

• OSHA general industry course

OSHA construction course is for the construction industry worker which is designed for the workers to recognize the safety hazard. The second one is- OSHA general industry course which gives the workers information on OSHA compliance issues and tells the purpose of the OSHA Act.

Thus OSHA has tried to create safe, hygienic, good and secured environment in working place. Both the employers and employees greatly need OSHA as it helps in reaching their aim in an acceptable way.