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Why Taking OSHA 10 Hour Course is Important

Employer is always obliged to make sure that the workplace is safe for the employees and also to ensure that the risk of accidents is kept to minimum. He must also have the overall safety program. OSHA 10 Hour training a part of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s plan to provide a safe work environment and also maintain thereafter. There are some states require that all the employees should have a minimum of 10 hours of safety training to work in a public construction site.

What are the states that require OSHA 10 hour course training?

OSHA training is required by the law in the States of Connecticut, Missouri, New Hampshire, Navada, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York. It is considered to be considered to be illegal to work on any public construction site without being OSHA 10 hour construction course certified.

Who can get certified for OSHA 10 hour course

Anybody who lives in the states mentioned above should get certified if they plan to work in a construction field. Some business may require that their workers to take OSHA 10 hour course to keep their employees safe and avoid the OSHA’s hefty non-compliance penalties. There are no pre-requisite for these training courses. Anybody who wants to raise awareness of workplace injury prevention or work related hazard is encouraged to take the course.

Where can you get certified?

There are two ways to get certified, one is online certification and the other is onsite. Online certification is the great for the individuals and small business because it allows the individual to work at their own pace and in their own place. However, onsite training allows for a single instructor to train a large group of people.