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OSHA Forms Alliance With The Mexican Consulate In New York and Diocese of Brooklyn

New York: OSHA and Wage and Hour Division signed an alliance with Mexico’s Consulate General in New York as a part of an effort to promote the labor and human rights of Mexican and the other Hispanic workers. CMO (Catholic Migration Office) of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Brooklyn and The New York State Department of Labor are also the part of the alliance.

The participants of the alliance will work together to support a call center which will provide Mexican and Hispanic workers in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey guidance, education and assistance about their rights in the workplace.

"It's very simple. The law says every worker has both the right to proper compensation for hours worked and to a safe workplace," said Hilda L. Solis, Secretary of Labor. “The purpose of this alliance is to provide Mexican and other Latino workers in the tri-state area with the information and resources that will help them recognize and challenge unsafe and improper working conditions, and to raise awareness of their rights as working people. After all, knowledge is a worker's most valuable tool."

Under this alliance, a LABORAL call center will be operated by the CMO. Callers to a toll free number will receive guidance, information and assistance in Spanish and English regarding labor issues, including proper overtime compensation, minimum wages, migrant and seasonal work protections, youth employment rules and the labor rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.