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OSHA Cites Fine of $58,100 Against Plainville, Mass., Manufacturer After A Worker Loses Tip Of Finger

Braintree, Mass. - OSHA has cited Dale Medical Products Inc. for alleged and willful serious violations of workplace safety standards after a worker lost the tip of his finger while operating a packaging machine in March. Fine of $58, 100 is proposed to the Plainville, Mass., manufacturer and packager of medical equipment.

The injury took place when the worker’s finger was pinched by a heat seal bar which was used to seal plastic bags. On the inspection by OSHA, it found three such packaging machines in the plant that did not had the required safeguards to keep the employees from becoming caught in their point of operation. Due to this condition workers were exposed to laceration and amputation injuries.

"It's imperative that machines be adequately guarded and the guarding continually maintained to prevent the possibility of accidents such as this one," said OSHA’s area director for Southeastern Massachusetts. "In this case, three other similar machines were allowed to operate with missing or inadequate safeguards after the accident."

As a result of the condition, OSHA issued one willful citation to the company, with a proposed fine of $56,000, for the lack of machine guarding. Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines willful violations as one committed with plain indifference to or intentional disregard to the safety and health of the employee.

There were also two serious citations were issued to the company, with $2,100 in fines, for not availing a hazard communication program and training for the employees working with the hazardous chemicals in the workplace.