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Functions of OSHA

Functions of OSHA
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a federal agency of USA in the Department of Labor. OSHA aims at safety and healthy working conditions for the employees to reduce death and accident that occurs at working site. The two principal functions of OSHA assigned by OSHA Act are:

The main function of OSHA is to setting standards and conducting workplace inspection for ensuring whether employers are with the standards and providing a safe and healthful work place. The standard of OSHA requires reasonable and protective practices, methods, and process of job for the well being of the employees. OSHA ensures if these requirements for employees are provided by the employers or not. According to OSHA, employers should become familiar with the standard applicable to their establishment. If the work site is not hygienic and dangerous for the employees to work, then they should eliminate such hazardous conditions.

Secondly, OSHA does inspection whether the equipments used by the employers are protective or not. Employees are responsible to know all the rules and regulation that are applicable to their own actions and conduct.

For all these actions, OSHA has provided training for both employers and employees so that a good working environment can be created. OSHA has provided two types of courses:

• OSHA Construction Course and

• OSHA General Industry Course

The OSHA Construction Course is a safety training for the construction Industry workers. The aim of this course is to inform the employees about the safety and health orientation required by OSHA. OSHA General Industry Course is a comprehensive safety program which helps the workers at general industry. These two courses include all the requirements of OSHA. These OSHA courses are available both in classroom and also online. The courses are conducted in English and also in Spanish. OSHA has done a great favor for both the employers and employees by making them alert and responsible of their surroundings.