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Responsibilities Of Employers and Employees Implemented By OSHA

People should always assert alertness at every field so that no hindrance can nudge their safety. This alertness is made accessible to the employers and employees by OSHA with a gamut of responsibilities implementing on them. It is their duty to be responsible for their own well being. OSHA has provided OSHA training for the employers and employees which show their responsibilities to a vast extent.

The responsibilities of employers are:

• Employers must provide their employees with jobs and working sites which are safe and hygienic.

• Employers should comply with the OSHA requirements, standards, and regulations.

• They must provide the tools and equipment which included personal protective equipment also.

• Employees must be provided the OSHA training required by OSHA standards.

• It is the employers’ responsibility to report any accident that needs of hospitalization more than three workers.

• Employers are responsible to keep the records of every work related accidents, injuries, diseases happen in their industries.

• Decrease cited violation within the prescribed period is also a responsibility of employers.

• Employers cannot discriminate their employees who do not violate the required norms of OSHA.

• This is the employers’ responsibility to respond to the survey request for data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, OSHA, or a designee of either agency.

The responsibilities of employees are:

Comparing to the employers, the responsibilities of employees implemented by OSHA are less but not least at all. It is the employees’ responsibility to prevent any exposure to work site safety and health hazards. Employees must comply with all the OSHA requirements of conduct and action.

All these responsibilities implemented on both employers and employees play the strongest role in maintaining a healthy and hygienic working condition. The condition of working site before and after the introduction of OSHA is totally different and has developed to a good extent. The main reason of this change is the implementation of responsibilities on the employers and employees by OSHA. OSHA training is given to reduce accidents, death rates, injuries on work site and to understand OSHA requirements. The trainings are available online also. OSHA has thus made a radical change across the industries which proudly results in low accident rate, decreasing death rate in working site and also decreasing some other work oriented problems.