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OSHA And Your Rights

OSHA has been working like a movement for years mainly for the well being of the workers. The important point that has lifted OSHA up to this level is that it has poured some strict rights to the employers and employees. We see that if there only restrictions that are needed strictly by any agency or organization and there is no rights allotted to then the employers will get frustrated. OSHA has made this difference and allotted some rights to the employers and the employees. This is done so that the employers and the employees can become aware of their rights and can save themselves at anywhere and anytime.

Some important rights of employees imposed by OSHA are:

Employees have the right to review the standards, requirements and regulations provided by the employers. The employees can also request for the information of the emergency procedures to their employers.

Employees have the right to get ample safety and health training as required by OSHA standards if related to toxic substances at the time of emergency. They have the right to ask for investigation of hazardous conditions or violations of OSHA standards at work site.

As employees, they have the right to file a complaint with OSHA but at the time they have to withhold their name from the employers.

It is the right of employees that they can have their employee accompany with OSHA compliance officer on inspection.

Some important rights of employers are:

Employers can request for identification from OSHA compliance officers and an inspection warrant also. The employers can ask advice from compliance officers about the reason for an inspection.

It is the right of employers to have an opening and closing conference with compliance officers. As employers, they can accompany compliance officers while inspecting their industries. If the employers want then they can request the officers for an informal conference after the inspection is over.

Employers have the right to file a Notice of Contest for citations, or penalties or for the both.

Employers can apply for a different standard under certain circumstances. Employers have the right to be assured of the confidentiality of trade secrets.

All these rights of both the employees and employers are necessary as they can tie up a knot with OSHA which will be beneficial for both of them.