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Why do you work

Why do people work? Of course for living. How and where do you work? This second question has greater importance for the construction and general industry workers. The employers sometimes forget that their employees are working for their livings.

They just want the employees to work and work. It breaks the working environment and the employees also suffer from doing their work in hazardous condition. The other point is that if this condition exists, then there will occur a big and dangerous situation between the two classes-employers and employees. The society will become imbalanced and there will be no social development and growth. Finally, the two classes will begin to involve in riot.

Peace of the society will destroy. To give occupational safety and health care for the workers of general and construction industry, OSHA was introduced. And it has worked like a movement in the field of construction and general industry. The workers become aware of their rights of healthy working sites and also of the requirements of OSHA. As OSHA is the main federal agency of us in the Department of Labor, it has got immense support from the workers.

OSHA has brought radical change to the workers and they become eager to get the courses provided by OSHA. OSHA provides two types of courses: OSHA10 hour courses and OSHA 30 hour courses. The courses are again divided into two parts- OSHA Construction Industry Courses and OSHA General Industry Courses.

These courses help the workers to recognize the preventive hazards of a construction and general industry sites, the purpose of OSH Act, the OSHA inspection process, OSHA requirements for employers and employees and guidelines for fire protection and floor opening. The courses also teach the policies, standards and processes of general and construction industries which are required by OSHA. The program taken by OSHA has brought a change that tells the employers and employees why they work.