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Employers’ Responsibilities Under OSHA

As an employer, you have certain responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Here are some of the important tasks that you need to fulfill as a responsible employer.

• Provide employees a safe workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with the OSHA standards, rules and regulations.

• The workplace must be examined to assure they meet the standards set by OSHA

• The employees must be equipped with safe tools and equipment and the equipment must be properly maintained.

• Color codes, labels or signs and posters must be used to warn employees of any potential hazards.

• Operating procedures must be established or updated so that employees can follow a safe and health requirements.

• OSHA compliance training as well as medical examinations must be provided when required by OSHA. There are many traditional and online OSHA training courses available today.

• The OSHA poster must be posted at a prominent location within the work place to provide information about the employees’ right and responsibility.

• If there is any fatal injury, it must be reported to the nearest OSHA office within the next 8 hours.

Make sure you completely follow this list if you want to profit more. Remember your employees are your biggest asset and you need to provide a safe working environment for them.