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Safety and Health Program Rules by OSHA

Safety and Health Program Rules by OSHA
The OSHA Safety and health program rule has been designed to reduce work place fatalities, injuries and illnesses. It is the responsibility of the employers to provide OSHA safety training programs to their employees.

Almost everyone at the work place is required to be involved in the OSHA training program including the employees and management supervisors. The employers must set up OSHA training program for their employees. For this training program a supervisor, an employee or the manager must be put in charge. They have to make sure that all the OSHA rules and regulations are being imposed.

Any new employee hired must go through the OSHA safety training before they start the work with the company. All information, OSHA training and resources must be available to the employees when it’s needed.

Employers must give their employees the opportunity to take part in all form of OSHA safety training. The main focus of the OSHA training program must are focused on the hazard identification, hazard prevention, assessment and control.