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Influence Of OSHA On Employees

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is known to all the employees and the employers. It has worked as a movement and changed the whole scenario of both construction and general industries. Before OSHA comes, the working conditions of the employees were so bad, unhygienic, and poor that they had to work like anything and anywhere. OSHA enters with the purpose to ensure safety and healthy working condition of employees for their betterment. As it is the main federal agency in the Department of Labor of US and works for the welfare of common people working in general and construction industries, it got good support from the common workers.

OSHA has influenced the employees by the courses it provides for them. OSHA conducts two courses: OSHA 10-hour courses and OSHA 30-hourses courses for both construction and general industry employers and employees. These courses help the employees in understanding what is safety and healthy working environment, why do they need it and their right to do work under safety and healthy working condition. For the training of OSHA courses, employees become alert and aware of their safety and healthy working environment. After the introduction of OSHA courses, the rate of accidents, injuries, illness, fatalities, death and other health and property loss has become less. Employees of construction and general industries have come to know about the legal aid they need at work place and compensation for their loss. These courses teach the employees about the functions of OSHA Act. Employees come to know through the courses about the rights and responsibilities of the employers and employees, requirements for special purpose equipments and all other OSHA requirements.

Thus in the occupational sector, OSHA has brought radical changes in protection and regulation of health and property of both employees and employers. Employees, who were used like anything before the introduction of OSHA, have got influenced and benefitted by OSHA.