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Is OSHA Abandoning Key Workplace Safety Rules to Steer Clear of Budget Cuts

Is OSHA Abandoning Key Workplace Safety Rules to Steer Clear of Budget Cuts
It has been observed that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) seems to be abandoning the implementation of key workplace safety rules in an attempt to steer clear of budget cuts that the congressional Republicans are keen to bring about.

The Republicans have been pretty upset about OSHA stringent enforcement of rules under the Obama Administration. They claim that such enforcement of safety rules can take away plenty of jobs. While on other hand, supporters of OSHAs stringent enforcement say that OSHA is only helping those with jobs by preventing them from getting killed.

Congressional Republicans have demanded cutting at least $99 million from OSHAs budget this year, which is a drastic reduction. Such a drastic reduction would have a devastating effect on all of OSHA’s activities.

The Republicans have been particularly upset by a set of ergonomic rules which was delayed or stopped by OSHA. These rules would have forced companies to take into account ergonomic injuries like musculoskeletal disorder injuries. Workplace advocates had hoped that by being able to point out those companies that have a high amount of workers suffering from such injuries, they would be able to hold the companies at fault.

Republicans have held this particular regulation in scorn. The rule was hence delayed because of heavy opposition. But the final decision to stop the implementation of this rule may have been cause by the budget cuts that OSHA is being threatened with.

In the end, the question that arises is whether President Obama will fight to maintain such agencies like OSHA or will he oppose?