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OSHA seeks Applications from Companies for Online Worker Health and Safety Trainings

10 hour and 30 hour online OSHA Outreach Training ProgramOSHA announced yesterday that it will be looking for and accepting applications from companies to provide the 10 hour and 30 hour online OSHA Outreach Training Program courses for the construction, general as well as maritime industries. This program will help train workers about their rights, showcases employer responsibilities, provides details on how to file complaints and describes the various work-related hazards. All applications should be received by OSHA’s Directorate of Training and Education by the 27th of June this year.

OSHA first started giving these outreach trainings in 2002, and has since seen a steady increase in the number of workers signing up for these courses online. In 2010, more 110,000 workers signed up and received online trainings. Because of the interest in these courses, OSHA is now providing this competition to ensure that they provide quality training to all participants.

All applicants will be selected based on their organizational as well as staff experience, their qualifications, their technical and administrative capabilities, and the course content and design.