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OSHA slaps Builders with Fines

OSHA slaps Builders with Fines
OSHA has recently cited a Myrtle Beach construction company for a minimum of 3 safety violations. The company allegedly faces a fine of $59,000 for violations after a work fell at the site last year.

The worker in question fell at least 21 feet onto a concrete sidewalk while passing furniture from a debris container that was mounted on the forklift truck. OSHA investigated into the matter and has since cited the company with an overall fine of $56,000 for failing to provide employees with appropriate fall protection and $1,500 for failing to train workers about the various fall hazards. In addition, the company was also charged with a $1,500 fine for exposing untrained employees to hazards at work.

The Florida based Winter Park Construction Company was also cited by OSHA for 5 serious safety violations and have been issued fines of $11,250.