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OSHA issues health warning to Hair Salons

OSHA - Hair Salon WorkersOSHA has recently issued a health warning to hair salon workers and owners about formaldehyde exposure that is caused due to working with hair smoothening and straightening products. The health warning provides information that OSHA derived from its investigations and shows the health hazards caused due to formaldehyde exposure and how people can protect themselves from hair smoothening and straightening products.

Responding to various complaints about the possible exposure to formaldehyde, OSHA and many other state and health agencies have begun conducting investigations. Oregon’s OSHA, Connecticut’s Department of Public Health and other such agencies have already issued warnings.

OSHA has found that formaldehyde is present in the air when hair stylists use hair smoothening products, which even have formaldehyde listed on their labels. During one test, the agencies air tests showed very high levels of formaldehyde, even though the product in question was labeled as formaldehyde-free.

Formaldehyde poses as a big health hazard when workers are exposed it. It can cause irritation in the nose and eyes, allergic reactions in the lungs, skin and eyes, and has also been linked to nose and lung cancer.