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OSHA cites 3 subsidiary companies of Jinny Corp.

OSHA cites 3 subsidiary companies of Jinny Corp.
OSHA has cites 3 subsidiary companies that are owned by Jinny Corp. The companies in question are: JBS Beauty Club, Jinny Beauty Supply Co. and JBS Hair Distribution Center. All three companies are based in Doraville and have been given combined safety violations of 22 counts. The proposed penalties total up to $71,000.

Jinny Corp. is a manufacturer and supplier of beauty and hair care productions, and has operations that cover Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. In response to a complaint made, OSHA conducted several investigations into the 3 subsidiary companies. JBS Beauty Club was cited with 6 serious violations including blocking exits with shelving, locking emergency exits, exposing employees to electrical hazards, not illuminating exit signs and failing to provide employees with trainings on how to operate a fork lift. These penalties amounted to $25,000.

The JBS Hair Distribution Center was also given 6 serious violations for incorrectly marking an interior exit as an emergency exit, locking all emergency exits, blocking the exit with a storage rack, using a flexible cord as a permanent wiring, allowing the use of flexible cords to power electrical outlets, failing to provide trainings to employees on how to operate a forklift, and allowing materials to block access to an electrical panel. The total penalties amounted to $25,000 as well.

The Jinny Beauty Supply Co. was given 5 serious violations for exposing workers to live electrical parts, blocking exits with materials, failing to install a light switch face plate, allowing a 120 volt receptacle to hang out from the wall, failing to install terminal screws on electric cords to prevent abrasions and failing to provide training to employees on how to operate a forklift. The penalties amounted to $21,000.