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OSHA Safety Tips to Stay Safe in a Heat Wave

OSHA Safety Tips to Stay Safe in a Heat Wave
A heat wave can bring a nation down with its sweltering temperatures. Heat can be a great health threat for workers, what with conditions remaining oppressive. Employers and workers should take some necessary precautions.

According to OSHA, heat-induced workplace sicknesses and injuries can reduce productivity and generally occurs when workers are exposed to hot working environments. Apart from causing life threatening conditions like heat strokes and heat exhaustion, working in hot conditions can lead to a number of accidents due to sweaty palms, sweating, fogged up glasses and dizziness. Severe burns can also occur when workers come in contact with hot surfaces.

Keep an eye on workers who may show signs of heat stroke and exhaustion, as this can help prevent a fatality. OSHA has come up with a number of products for employers and workers to use when stuck in a heat wave.

OSHA also offers advice on how workers should protect themselves against UV radiation, extreme heat, Lyme disease and the West Nile virus.