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Know About OSHA Standard Development

Know About OSHA Standard Development
Everything changes as time passed and if the old things are tried to be kept that do not fit the present time and environment, then there is no use of it and there will be problem rather than the benefit for the standards or. OSHA has many times tried to develop the standards that need changes for the betterment of the workers, employees and for the industry itself. If OSHA determines to have a new and specific standard, then the advisory committees may be called upon to go the matter farther. Any of the advisory committees will develop the specific recommendations. OSHA possesses two standing committees and an ad hoc committee can be appointed to scrutinize the most important areas that are concern to OSHA.The standing advisory committees of OSHA are:

1. National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH). This committee advises, consults with and makes recommendations to the secretary of HHS and also to the Labor on matters regarding administration of the Act.

2. Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health, which advises the Secretary of Labor on formulation of construction safety and health standards and other regulations.

The first one that is NACOSH is concern with the workers safety and health problems. Technical assistance to OSHA is provided by them and they recommend standard for OSHA’s adoption. When necessary, this committee can make workplace investigations, gather testimony from employers and employees and require that employers’ measure and report employee exposure to potentially hazardous materials.