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OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting

OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting
OSHA requires record keeping and reporting of injuries, accidents, death and other work related accidents by the employers those have more than 10 employees. This regulation is not applicable for the employers who have low-hazard industries like: real estate, insurance, retail, finance and some other industries. Record keeping are divided into two different forms: the OSHA Form 200 and the OSHA Form 101. OSHA Form 200 is known as injury/illness log. It has a separate line entry for every recordable injury or illness. This OSHA 200 Form is limited to the injuries that require only first aid treatment. Employers must post the total of the previous years injury and illness experience in the summary section of the OSHA Form 200 in the month of February. The workers individual detail record of the injury or illness are kept by OSHA Form 101 that helps in getting every information, reason and the cause clear. In stead of this form, workers’ compensation form can serve the same.

Employers must have to report to the nearest OSHA office about any injury or illness within 8 hours in case of one or more fatalities or hospitalization of three or more employees. OSHA investigate such cases to determine the cause of the accidents.

OSHA record keeping and reporting are essential as per the safety of the employees are concerned and thus they help the workers to have a safe life.