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Man falls 30 feet in a Scaffolding Collapse in Boston

Man falls 30 feet in a Scaffolding Collapse in Boston
Recently, it was reported that a man hurtled 30 feet towards the ground when his scaffolding collapsed in Boston. The worker was found to be unconscious and has been since transferred to the Beth Israel Hospital.

Work at the scaffolding site was stop until OSHA personnel arrived on the scene for further investigation. The company happened to be a New England scaffolding firm.

Steve MacDonald, the man behind Boston Fire, has said that the man actually fell from the 6th floor right down to the 4th floor. The man was reportedly banged up quite a bit, but has however, not suffered any serious injuries.

The Boston Fire Department has further commented on the incident, stating that it had occurred on 10 Vining Street. The condition of the worker is unknown as of now. Steve MacDonald also went on to say that he was not entirely sure whether the scaffolding fell on the person or whether the worker was on the scaffolding when it collapsed.