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Leetsdale Copper Plant Explosion Being Invested by OSHA

Leetsdale Copper Plant Explosion Being Invested by OSHA
OSHA is now investigating an explosion that took place at a copper plant in Leetsdale. The explosion that occurred early Tuesday morning injured three people. It happened at Hussey copper along Washington Street at around 9 30 am.

The OSHA officials said that the explosion was minor and occurred when water spilled beneath ingots during the process of making copper. The Leetsdale Police Chief James Santucci said, “We had two other victims who were down in the hole. Once the minor explosion occurred they were burned about twenty per cent of their body”.

The three victims are being treated at UPMC Mercy Hospital in the burn unit. The victims' names and conditions have not yet been released. Even after the incident, the plant was not evacuated. Moreover, it continued to run throughout Tuesday.

It has been discovered that the plant was fined around $60,000 during the past decade. Most of these fines were for an explosion that occurred in the year 2000 and injured five workers. When a broken water line leaked into the copper casting process, a blast was triggered. Also, the company was fined nearly $5,000 for lack of personal protective equipments for employees. For now, there is no word on whether OSHA will fine Hussey Copper for Tuesday's incident.