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OSHA Fines Steel Maker $143,500 for Committing Serious Safety Violations

OSHA Fines - Safety Violations - OSHA Safety ViolationsThe United States, Steel Corp. and the contractor that was currently working at the steel maker's Clairton coke plant were penalized and cited by the federal safety regulators for basically exposing 20 workers to burns from the July fourteenth explosion and also failing to provide an effective energy control procedure and plan.

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of Pittsburgh has heavily penalized the United States Steel for primarily committing 11 serious and 2 willful safety violations. The fines have currently mounted to a total sum of $143,500.

Whereas, Power Piping Co. of Lawrenceville, a contractor that was providing the steam fitting services at the coke batteries, was penalized for 6 serious safety violations. Hence, the fines have mounted to a total sum of $31,500.

The director of OSHA's Pittsburgh office, Mr. Robert Szymanski, said that, "U.S. Steel and Power Piping did not have the proper controls in place to prevent worker exposure to hazardous energy."

Moreover, this particular organization came under OSHA's radars for it also failed to provide a powerful and effective energy control plan and procedure. Thus, this failure has been considered as a willful violation because the employer simply disregarded the basic requirements of the law and was indifferent to the employee's and workers safety and health.

The organizations in question have fifteen business days to appeal the case in court.