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Osha Fines Pennsylvania For Crane Hazards

The U.S Department of Labor’s OSHA has cited Schuylkill Products for alleged workplace safety & violations with a penalty proposing to around $65,800. OSHA initiated an investigation which revealed out a response against the complaint which has been cited.

An investigation revealed out that the company received citations for one willful violation of around $56,000 penalties and around 2 serious violations which costs to around $9,800 in penalty.

The investigators issued willful citations after finding up of cranes which was being loaded up as a capacity to fine into normal operations. OSHA fines a violation as the one which is committed to plain indifference with employee safety and health. This violation were being cited for cranes which were not equipped with devices which would prevent automatic restart of crane’s in event of failure leading to perform the crane inspection.

A serious citation is issued where there is a probability that death or physical harm could result and employer should have known of the hazard. The employer regularly lifted 60 tons of precast concrete beams with cranes which are ill-equipped leading to handle this kind of load which would expose workers to a large number of hazards. Schuylkill Products is a company which is a concrete manufacturer employing about 125 workers.

This company has 15 business days from the receipt of citations during which it can request an informal conference with OSHA director leading to contest the citations and make proposed penalties before OSHA commission.