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Osha Fines $1,250 To Contractor Due To Job Death

A contractor who employed 2 workers injured themselves in separate accidents at the construction sites contested around $1,250 fine which were accessed in the first incident. The T Keefe & Sons filed a notice to OSHA for its first inspection which lasted till May 20 after failing for several stories.

The inspector from OSHA reported that finding dangerous situation at construction sites issued a serious citation failing which the employees were exposed to hazards walking by or working near the wire rope cable guardrails leading to 5 level building on every level.

The June citation indicates that wire-ropes guard rails at the site where not taught enough about the safety precautions. The main moto of OSHA is to issue a serious violation where death or physical harm is likely to result in an hazard about which an employer should have known of.

Such an employer must contest the citations with OSHA having an independent body made up of administrative judges. Seeing the economic down turn the Tribe announced this year that it would suspend the construction on government building which would build in administrative offices with tribal members.

The contractors for the same are working as far as possible to secure the site on the top of Crow Hill. This work should be completed by the end of September till that they will wait for what is going to happen with the economy.

As a result of which Tribe approved around $88.9 million for the project.