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Disney World Deaths Prompt Investigation

The accidental death of a performer at Walt Disney Co in Florida has prompted separate local and federal investigations. One person aged 30 years died late on Monday after being injured from a tumbled roll during a rehearsal for a show based at Indiana Jones.

The U.S Department sent OSHA investigators to Orlando to determine what had happened. OSHA has upto 6 months to report the findings to local sheriff to look into the matter. The death of a person was investigated by performing an autopsy which ruled out the death caused by neck fracture which was actually accidental.

The Disney spokesman said that the park uses rigorously trained employee team which includes engineers to examine the safety of equipment and practices at the Disney Park. Around 11 months ago, the safety team reorganized to combine employee and safety at Disney Park and resorts.

There were inspections being launched at Disney World because of the fatalities which were in response to complaints. In Feburary, OSHA fined Disney around $4,000 for violations which were related to openings for electrical wiring. The walt Disney world employs around 60,000 people. As a result Florida tracks park accident but they affect customers only. In this quarter ended result in June Disney reported a dozen incidents ranging from a 66 year old person who fractured her ribs after colliding with another guest on Rudder Buster water slide to 48 year old woman who felt weak after riding the coaster.