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Osha Fines $60,000 To Eau Claire For Safety Violations

OSHA has fined almost $60,000 in penalties against U.S Postal Service facility in Eau Claire.

OSHA has cited the distribution facility on Hogarth Street a number of workplace violations. A worker was injured in an accident with equipment which was used to move pallets.

The 2 employees who were injured were never been provided proper training which comes after such an accident.

So OSHA has cited this company for violations which are calling around $35,000 as penalty for workers health and safety.

The agency also states that proper training was not given to employees who were being spotted operating for their worklifts unsafely. This facility also accused of not to inspect the truck before they were put down into service. If all of this gets added up it would lead to calling of more than $58,000 penalties.

This postal service has no comment about the citations being given to them for such a act.