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Banda Group Lands NASA Deal At $3.5 Million

Banda International Group was started five years ago, with an in-house operation. But despite such economic downturn, it would remain on a growth path with the first foray into government work which would cost around $3.5 million which is a five year deal with NASA.

This system provides safety support staffing and outsourcing, auditing and training all of which would include OSHA classes and programs which are customized. There is a team from Chandler Company who would help NASA implement and oversee a safety program at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

The team comprises of BGI’s 30 employees which is spread out across the U.S and internationally and serve as a president of CEO BGI. This team is likely to grow as it has projected revenue of $4.2 million this year which is in contract with BGI’s start.

The first deal of Banda was with Intel in Ireland. Since then they had picked up various other private sector clients who included General Electric & construction management firm. In addition to this, BGI has offices in Rio Rancho, N.M who would be setting up offices in Maryland. They are having Minority Business Enterprise Certifications overall.

NASA is company’s government client which dipped somewhat in first quarter planning to expand into new area. This was the first step into growing government work from Banda which would be having prestigious agency worldwide.

The main goal to combine Banda with NASA is to achieve top rating held by OSHA.