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Osha Partners With Associated General Contractors For Shreveport

To ensure the highest level of employee safety and health would be the goal of new partnership which is formed recently between Associated General Contractors of America’s Shreveport chapter and U.S Safety Association.

This partnership affirms a shared commitment so as to protect construction safety in this area. Such an effort would help prevent injuries and fatalities making workers more safe in their working environment.

This agreement would serve as a model for construction companies which would demonstrate how to safely implement a health program with criteria of contractor safety and health.

The AGC is a trade association for the construction industry with around 450 member companies in Shreveport. Among those goals, the association would be focused on preventing workplace safety for more than 150,000 employees in Shreveport safety.
OSHA’s partnership is an ongoing effort to improve the safety and health of employees through the relationship making them aware of trade associations, labor organizations, employers and employees.

Under the U.S law, OSHA’s role is to promote safe and healthful working for America’s men and women settling them to enforcing standards and provide you with training, outreach and education all of which would be responsible for workplace safety.