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Are you prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

When you expect an inspection from OSHA, you know you need to be prepared but the thing is OSHA can perform an inspection any time of the year. They often come uninvited and can take you by surprise. It’s not that you are violating anything but it’s best if you stay prepared when they come knocking at your door. So, how do you take the precautions? We will tell you the four basic steps to get ready for an OSHA inspection.

First what you need to do is stay in compliance. Second you need to train and assign a primary and backup individual to administer the inspection with the OSHA inspector. Third is to train the first contact person in your company like the receptionist or anyone else. Tell them to speak very little but clear enough for the inspectors to understand. Be honest and don’t mislead any OSHA inspector as that will bring trouble later.

Lastly, do assign some responsibility for the primary and backup individual like:

• Ask for credentials if it’s not been offered
• Learn about the exact motive and scope of the inspection
• Request for an opening conference if it’s not been offered
• Keep a digital camera ready just to take photos of anything that the inspector takes of
• Let them be familiar with the company history
• Tell them to note down all the suggestions and comments made by the OSHA inspector to make immediate correction.
• Any information that is not requested should not be offered.
• Misleading the inspector in any way must not be allowed
• During the inspection, the person concerned should stay with the OSHA inspector. The inspector should never be left alone in your facility.

Hope these points help you to be prepared next time when the OSHA inspectors come to your company.